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Bear hunter is mauled by his prey

A road sign acknowledges the presence of bears.

A hunter out with a group of six men and their dogs was mauled by a black bear they had wounded.

Orval Sanders, of Oroville was hunting in Tahoe National Forest on Monday when his group treed three bears.

Mark Lucero, Department of Fish and Game spokesman, told the Appeal-Democrat that one of the bears came down from the tree after being shot and attacked the 83-year-old Sanders.

"The bear came out of the tree and grabbed the guy," Lucero said. "He tried to protect himself by raising both arms in front of him and the bear slashed and bit both arms."

Another member of the hunting party shot the animal, killing it.

Sanders suffered a crushed left wrist as well as injuries to his left arm and shoulder and was taken by helicopter to Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where he underwent surgery on his wrist.

None of his hunting companions accompanied Sanders to the hospital and apparently resumed the hunt, according to Lucero.

Officials plan to test the bear for rabies.

--Kelly Burgess

Photo: A road sign acknowledges the presence of bears. Credit: Eric Gay / Associated Press

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Comments (8)

How stupid. I suggest you people watch the bear mauling at the Bern Zoo then tell your idiotic jokes.

The article did not state that the 83 year old man shot anything. He was a member of the hunting party. Being a member of that party does not mean that he was actually friends with any of them. We do not know the circumstances under which he went along. His injuries were not life threatening.

The hunters may have each driven their own vehicles which could have caused a logistical problem had one or more chosen to accompany the injured man.

One does not have to be a hunter to be mauled by a bear. In North America the bear is an apex predator. It fears nothing and will attack whatever it chooses. It need not be wounded. You are subject to bear attack anytime you are within the bear's environment.

Hunting bears is necessary because so many of you people want to live in foothill communities - bear backyard. If the numbers of bears are not controlled people would wake up to a bear breaking in their back door for the food on the table.

Hunting lessens the chance of those encounters. For that privilege hunters pay dearly in fees to government and local outfitters. The option is to ban hunting. Then of course when the selfish and ignorant begin to whine and cry to government, the government will send in it's professional hunters that will kill a specified number of animals. The animals will be hauled away and disposed.

There will be no financial benefit to the state or the surrounding community.

If you do not want the poor bears injured then stop building homes in their forest. Do not hike, camp, picnic, enjoy the view or anything else in bear country and there will be no reason for one more bear to be shot. Grow up!

This reinforces my position in favor of the right to arm bears.

Good for the bear! Too bad he wasn't able to finish the old redneck off!!

Shoot, if anyone or anything was out to hurt/kill me, I'd throw everything I had at the enemy. Old or not, that person deserved what he got because he didn't make the shot count and kill the bear outright.

And as for his buddies ... with "friends" that didn't bother to help him seek medical care after being mauled by a bear, who needs enemies?

Run me up a tree and start shooting at me, you better kill me before I get to you. How pathetic is the thought of six "men" with dogs running around the forest scaring bears into trees and shooting at them. No one went with an 83 year old man to the hospital!! These are the kind of people who enjoy this sort of thing.

Deserves what he got. Ironic his "friends" did not accompany him to the hospital...

HAHAHAHA I respect my elders and all, but I loved reading this article!

It sounds like a case of self-defense. Old man, give up hunting, take up fishing.
Hope you recover safely.


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