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Sportsmen's and gun groups up in arms over passage of AB 962

A Smith & Wesson .357 is shown with various caliber handgun ammunition.

*Updated to reflect that this law goes into effect on Feb 1, 2011 and not July, 2010

Sportsmen's and pro-gun groups are up in arms over a recent bill signed by Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that puts restrictions on the purchase of certain ammunition beginning Feb. 1, 2011.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the California Assn. of Firearms Retailers are highly critical of the decision to sign into law AB 962, which will require firearms dealers and ammunition vendors to keep a registry of all buyers of handgun ammo. The bill also bans all mail order and Internet sales of such ammunition and reloading components.

"The governor vetoed a piece of firearms legislation, SB 41, far less burdensome to retailers than AB 962, stating it was too cumbersome," Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general council, said in a news release. (SB 41 would have required additional paperwork and documentation on the date of delivery of all firearms to a buyer.)

NSSF has estimated that AB 962 will cost the state almost $3 million in lost sales tax, $629,000 in increased operating costs for state agencies and more than $35 million in lost retail sales annually.

"This legislation will drive many small, independent retailers already struggling in a poor economy out of business or force them to flee California," said CAFR President Marc Halcon.

"Those retailers who can afford to stay will be forced to substantially raise prices to law-abiding consumers who, under AB 962, will now be fingerprinted like common criminals simply for exercising their Second Amendment rights," continued Halcon. "It is silly, at best, to think criminals will stand in line to be fingerprinted to buy ammunition from licensed retailers."

"Gov. Schwarzenegger has just created an underground black market for ammunition," Halcon added.

Ammo sales, already at an increased level from gun enthusiasts, including hunters and target shooters fearing stricter gun laws, will likely now become more robust in the coming months.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: A Smith & Wesson .357 is shown with various caliber handgun ammunition. Credit: Judi Bottoni / Associated Press

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Comments (59)

Arnold started off as promised, he was not afraid of all the GURLY MEN, now he has turned into one himself. What a waste of time for the people of our great state. Arnold is as qualified to run Ca. as much as Obama to run the United States. Arnold is a JOKE!

I state this because when I tried to help police to arrest the murderer of actress Rebecca Schafer, Steven Spielberg told the Police to ignore the truth and to FRAME ME for the crime. (It did NOT work because a crime organization from CHicago, and their corrupt cops were HOLDING ME ILLEGALLY ON THE WEST COAST THE ENTIRE TIME- FBI DID NOTHING TO HELP ME!)
I state this because I have reported MANY child molestation cases in California, and NOTHING was ever done about these crimes.
I state this because I was the person who saved the Apollo astronauts AND IT WAS HOLLYWOOD CELEBS WHO HAD A CORRUPT FED PLACE A BOMB ON THE ROCKET! No one was arrested.
I state this because it was a group of Hollywood celebs who tried to assassinate Pres. Ford and Pres. Reagan, NUMEROUS TIMES and NO ONE IN CALIFORNIA DID A THING TO TRY AND HELP ME TO STOP THEM!
I state this because it was Hollywood celebs who tried to stop the broadcast of the first moonwalk, AND I HAD THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR to Australia stop that crime from being committed! (no one in California tried to help me to stop the crime.)

California is the CAUSE OF MOST OF THE CRIMES IN AMERICA! (Especially when you realize that MOST of the street gangs come from California!)

Well the Gov. did it he signed AB962 the ammo bill. This makes it illegal to mail order handgun ammo. Of course 22 LR, which is what is used in the Olympics small bore competition, is considered by this bill handgun ammo. The high level ammo used for this competition in not available locally and only from a few sources throughout the U.S. By signing this bill he has killed the dreams of many young men and women who have been working for years towards the goal of becoming an Olympic Shooter.

Our wise elected officials turn up the heat on thge pot yet another notch. Will the frogs jump before they boil?

I hope that this legislation is one "trend" from Kalifornia that does NOT make its way east!

Looks like California has decided when THOUSANDS of people will leave the state. Sacramento is full of mentally deranged IDIOTS. They can't stop themselves from doing everything they can to harm the state financially, and to infringe on our freedoms any chance they get. February 2011 is looking like a good time to move.. Starting to save money now.. (while I still can..) California, you are becoming a third world dump like Mexico. Disarm citizens, corruption everywhere, dirty, bankrupt.. you can KEEP it. I'll be moving back to the USA.

The law goes into effect on Feb 1, 2011 and not the beginning July, 2010 as reported.

They're only doing this for our own good. We need the government to protect us from ourselves. We cannot be trusted to run our own lives.

Thank you very much Arnold and the Democratic Party; where would California be without you?

Here, here. Thank goodness I live near a state line. The Reno Costo runs will now be Reno Costco/ Ammo runs...

GA$ is a disgrace to an already pretty disgraceful office. I can't believe he can still call himself a Republican after signing this piece of trash!

The article says it all, except for the following: This law was sponsored by law enforcement who are the group who know that it will only effect law abiding citizens. The gangs will still get all the ammo they need. The LAPD and others know this. I will still get all the ammo I need to plink in Nevada or Arizona.
Just makes it a little more inconvenient. Guess it is time for me to start reloading again.
Bryan Woolman
Chatsworth, CA



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