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Sportsmen's and gun groups up in arms over passage of AB 962

A Smith & Wesson .357 is shown with various caliber handgun ammunition.

*Updated to reflect that this law goes into effect on Feb 1, 2011 and not July, 2010

Sportsmen's and pro-gun groups are up in arms over a recent bill signed by Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that puts restrictions on the purchase of certain ammunition beginning Feb. 1, 2011.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the California Assn. of Firearms Retailers are highly critical of the decision to sign into law AB 962, which will require firearms dealers and ammunition vendors to keep a registry of all buyers of handgun ammo. The bill also bans all mail order and Internet sales of such ammunition and reloading components.

"The governor vetoed a piece of firearms legislation, SB 41, far less burdensome to retailers than AB 962, stating it was too cumbersome," Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general council, said in a news release. (SB 41 would have required additional paperwork and documentation on the date of delivery of all firearms to a buyer.)

NSSF has estimated that AB 962 will cost the state almost $3 million in lost sales tax, $629,000 in increased operating costs for state agencies and more than $35 million in lost retail sales annually.

"This legislation will drive many small, independent retailers already struggling in a poor economy out of business or force them to flee California," said CAFR President Marc Halcon.

"Those retailers who can afford to stay will be forced to substantially raise prices to law-abiding consumers who, under AB 962, will now be fingerprinted like common criminals simply for exercising their Second Amendment rights," continued Halcon. "It is silly, at best, to think criminals will stand in line to be fingerprinted to buy ammunition from licensed retailers."

"Gov. Schwarzenegger has just created an underground black market for ammunition," Halcon added.

Ammo sales, already at an increased level from gun enthusiasts, including hunters and target shooters fearing stricter gun laws, will likely now become more robust in the coming months.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: A Smith & Wesson .357 is shown with various caliber handgun ammunition. Credit: Judi Bottoni / Associated Press

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Comments (59)

The Californians most effected by this travesty tend to be socially conservative, law abiding people with marketable skills. The communities they conprise tend to be those with the lowest crime statistics and a generally high quality of life. This demographically definable set is predominately white and comfortable with traditional Judeo Christian ethics and values. Unfortunately the converse is true and disturbingly obvious. I would forsee such a piece of misdirected legislation being the cause of relocations of gun and shooting sport enthiasts, just as avid skiers are attracted to mountain states and surfers to coastal states . The sociatal implications of this would of course include further polarization and de-diversication racially and culturally within the US, with living standards improving in those states and regions that provide access to guns,ammo and shooting sports, while dreg states like Jersey and now California along with numerous socially troubled intrastate regions continuing to advance further toward third world status.

You are correct about the upcoming elections in 2010 and I will do my home work to investigate every politician that is or will be running for office and I will not vote for a liberal democrat nor any Republician that is in any way anti-gun or will not speak up in favor of protecting the second admendment and the right for legal citizens to own firearms. Politicians You Have Been Put On Notice.

The Gov has shown his true colors, a liberal anti-gun, anti-hunting idiot. It is no wonder that this Country is in such a mess and getting worse by the day. I will seek another state to relocate to as this one stinks and so does it's liberl politicians. The posts I have read are correct. I believe not only businesses will leave and relocate but so will some of the people. The liberals have already run most of the industry out of here so whats a few more. The Gov should be impeached for impersonating a Republician. I thought I had seen everything in my fifty-eight years but in the last nine months it has been a disgrace to live here under the present administration.

Herr Schwartzennegger,

Bist du krank! It is time for a boycott and peaceful disobedience. When it comes time for property tax payments, contest them. If like several other states, when contested the money goes into a special fund that can't be used until the situation is resolved. Go renew driver licenses and vehicle registration in person, paying cash but in bags of unsorted small change. Count it out, slowly. Drive 10 miles an hour slower than the posted max limit or at the minimum. Dont buy any products made in california. Move out of california. don't buy any hunting or fishing licenses in california. Boycott anything that the state manufactures or produces. Sit in public places with signs of protest. Any other action, maintaining civility and complying with the law that will annoy the hell out of the politiciand that made up this stupid law. Tak tax deductions for anything you do to comply with the law. Think about protesting your state and federal taxes by getting an extension to the maximum allowable time by law to pay them. And constantly write letters to the officials that passed this law explaining how much trouble it has caused and be civil about it. Flood their offices with letters of protest. Start recall petitions on them. Any elections they run in, vote against them. But never use violence and always comply with the law. There are many legal things that can be done to voice your displeasure, all you have to do is take time to do it.

Arnold can't be a Republican! He's still a Terminator! Terminator of the Second Amendment.
I lived in California for 45 years and witnessed a change in peoples lifestyles where material things and useless thinking consumed every hour of their lives. Social engineering?
The big picture is getting really ugly in this country. Can't you see that your vote does not work lately? Can't you see that your government has turned it's back on you? We all are witnessing first hand what tyranny looks like. Social engineering? Look closely. From the California governor to the US President and also it seems MOSTLY the democratic party are commiting treason to the Second Amendment! Who are the real criminals here? Forced "mandatory" health care??? I already feel poisoned! Don't you? I beleive the heart of the TRUE AMERICAN is stronger and braver than our left side realizes and there will be a big suprise when the American people finally say enough is enough! It has happened throughout history. This "gun control" is one big step in the WRONG direction. Your vote alone is not good enough. You have to go FACE to FACE, get on the phone, type a letter and mail it!, email, convince those around you and boycott all products that contribute to putting that noose around your neck. A little work won't hurt you! After all your forefathers shed their blood to win the freedoms ALL MEN DESERVE in this country!!!

When this bill passed the assembly, I wrote Senator Steinberg asking if he supported it? A few days later received a reply that he would not speculate on legislation that was not on the Senate floor. I wrote him when the Senate was discussing it asking he meet with a few people in the area to hear our objections to the bill (live in Sac). When no replay came after a week I wrote again stating my objections to this legislation, again no reply. Yesterday, after the bills passage and signing I get a email basically stating the bill was not an undue burden on law abiding citizens, almost word for word what the Governator said. Have written him again asking if he could say that in person with a straight face...am waiting...and probably will wait forever! At least he won't have to lie.


If it weren't for all the other way Sacramento has screwed-over the American citizens of this state, I'd be surprised that they think they have the moral or legal right to effectively deny my Constitutional rights. They want to extend every imaginable right to perverts, criminals and foreigners, but American citizens don't seem to deserve them, even if they are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Maybe, Californians shouldn't pay federal taxes, if we don't receive our federal rights??
What's next, they're going to limit how many words I can say, if I want to protest their usurpations of my freedom? It's time we flushed Sacramento into SF Bay, and started with a clean slate of politicians.

The Governator stabbed us in the back!

How many of you who bother to complain about your elected officials on these newspaper blogs bothered to write your elected officials or clog their phone lines?

Hey I'm on your side. But complaining here after the fact is a waste of energy.

Live Free or Die.

Your state is on the verge on bankruptcy, it cannot pay it's bills, you need revenue, revenue comes from sales tax, you just signed bill AB962 into law guarantying too push millions of dollars of sales tax revenue to your bordering states.

Is it that hard to understand that the only people you are hurting are the law abiding TAX PAYING citizens of your state? The BAD guys don't give a rats rear end about your stupid law, all you have done is inconvenienced them by making them drive farther for ammo and I'll bet you a cookie that they will drive to get it rather than give out fingerprints and whatever idiotic requirements you just passed.

Do you have any idea what prohibition did to liquor sales? You might as well roll out the red carpet for mob type ammo sales.

If you really want to help your state out, take everything the legislature gives you and do the exact opposite of what they want.

Why are you anti-law abiding gun owner people so dang stupid.

All californians are welcometo move to Texas where we enjoy cocealed carry,hunting, and gun freedom. Pack up your stuff and get the hell out of cali.

Yeah--I can see the gang-bangers and other thugs and thugettes lining up to provide their fingerprints before "purchasing" ammunition. This would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

Gov. Swartz is under the influence of socialists, beginning in his own home. He gets my nomination for the Bill O'Reilly
"pin head" of the week award.


This bill is not going to work. You can still drive to Nevada to get ammo. This will cause a black market for ammo. I hope the NRA files a suit.

Another nitwit "law" from the nitwit state. Hmmm, since you already have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, I suppose you have a really, really low crime rate in California? Not! When are you radical loonie tunes going to get it - criminals LOVE your gun free zones, gun laws and all your other attempts to disarm the law-abiding citizens and prevent them from defending themselves. The only hope, Kalifornia and Amerika, is to kick them all - each and every one - to the curb in 2010. Otherwise, you get what you deserve. As my dearly departed Mother-in-law, whose family fled Castro's Cuba after he seized their lands and businesses, people truly do get the government they deserve.

Jonathan Hodges wrote:
"They're only doing this for our own good. We need the government to protect us from ourselves. We cannot be trusted to run our own lives.
Thank you very much Arnold and the Democratic Party; where would California be without you?"

First of all, it has been proven multiple times that the smaller the government, the better off a country is. People will do what's right without having to be told what to do. It's people with attitudes like that that are ruining this country and making us more and more like Mexico or Cuba or Venezuela, and it makes me sick. Second, the government works for the people, not the other way around. Anyone who thniks th eopposite should take a look a our constitution, specifically the preamble:

"We the people of the United States..."
We the People, not We the Government. I Don't know how it can be any clearer than that, but there are some stupid people who want to argue with that, and it's just rediculous.

Well Sportsmen since the Governor has signed into law AB 962. WRITING your comments simply here will not do the trick. Write them directly to the Governor and ask for his reasoning as to why he signed AB 962 into law?
After that, you will have a better understanding of his mind set and can make more comments to justify our position on Second Amendment rights that are continually being chipped at and affecting only law abiding citizens.

The earlier article I read on this topic, reported that the governator stated something to the effect that cities and counties that already had this type of law in effect had been able to catch many illegal ammunition buyers. I have two questions:
1) Who would be an illegal ammunition buyer?
2) What cities or counties already have such laws (and why haven't they been challenged in court yet)?
OK, that was really three questions.
Next thing you know he'll want to register tires since they are so often used on cars that are used in crimes, besides some of them come from China, the same place that makes a lot of AK-47s!

They tried an "ammo registration" law in the 1980's or so, and it did not curb crime one bit, cost thousands of hours of commercial time, and aggravated millions of people - for what? NOTHING! MS 13 and other gangs don't give a rat's ass about the law already. What makes this idiot Austrian-American and the morons in the CA legislature think they'll care one second about ANOTHER stupid people-control law?

From all the female dogging, I would think you people there would wise up and vote! there are several ways to vote. 1. cancel your subscription to the newspapers that are lying to you every day. Google Gun Facts 5.0 for proof of their bias. 2. write to NBC & CBS and tell them you will no longer watch their news and why. Send letters to the advertisers (especially local) and tell them you will not be buying their product and why. 3. write your federal employees, you know Senators and Reps., and tell them they are fired. 4. write, telephone e-mail your state employees, you know governors and etc, and tell them they are fired and why. tell them all the same things you post here. 5. talk to yor friends and associates and if they are in agreement with you, urge them to vote and why. fed elections are comeing up in one year. Vote for anyone who is not an encumbant. if no one who runs is a newby, just do not mark the ballot at all. Get a bunch together and march on city hall or the governors palace. get some 60's and 70's style activation going. Can't hurt. google and read the above suggestion. It gives you factual ammunition and the facts are well documented. Also google 'On Sheep, Wolves and Sheep Dogs by Dave Grossman' which will give you insight on what is going on. Also check out vetonow.com. Grass roots just getting started. It is based in Denison, Texas. The concept needs to go national and do it quick. All this from a loving and honerable sheepdog. thank you!

California gets what it deserves. I lived there for most of my life and when I retired I sold my house and moved to the friendly confines of Wyoming. God bless Wyoming.

Your governor is at best, a RINO Republican. He cares nothing of the rights of law abiding citizens. He is punishing the decent gun owners for the actions of criminals. Does he not know criminals don't buy ammo( and firearms) in gun stores? To think this law will reduce crime is ludicrous; it's plain dumb! If there was ever any doubt that he's anti-gunner, this law he signed removes all speculation. This is just another step in banning firearms in California. I hope there are enough gun owners and patriotic people to vote Schwarzenegger out of office for he truly is an anti-gunner at heart and demonstrates little respect for the Second Amendment! I must say I'm thankful I don't liven the beautiful state of California.



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