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Sportsmen's and gun groups up in arms over passage of AB 962

A Smith & Wesson .357 is shown with various caliber handgun ammunition.

*Updated to reflect that this law goes into effect on Feb 1, 2011 and not July, 2010

Sportsmen's and pro-gun groups are up in arms over a recent bill signed by Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that puts restrictions on the purchase of certain ammunition beginning Feb. 1, 2011.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the California Assn. of Firearms Retailers are highly critical of the decision to sign into law AB 962, which will require firearms dealers and ammunition vendors to keep a registry of all buyers of handgun ammo. The bill also bans all mail order and Internet sales of such ammunition and reloading components.

"The governor vetoed a piece of firearms legislation, SB 41, far less burdensome to retailers than AB 962, stating it was too cumbersome," Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general council, said in a news release. (SB 41 would have required additional paperwork and documentation on the date of delivery of all firearms to a buyer.)

NSSF has estimated that AB 962 will cost the state almost $3 million in lost sales tax, $629,000 in increased operating costs for state agencies and more than $35 million in lost retail sales annually.

"This legislation will drive many small, independent retailers already struggling in a poor economy out of business or force them to flee California," said CAFR President Marc Halcon.

"Those retailers who can afford to stay will be forced to substantially raise prices to law-abiding consumers who, under AB 962, will now be fingerprinted like common criminals simply for exercising their Second Amendment rights," continued Halcon. "It is silly, at best, to think criminals will stand in line to be fingerprinted to buy ammunition from licensed retailers."

"Gov. Schwarzenegger has just created an underground black market for ammunition," Halcon added.

Ammo sales, already at an increased level from gun enthusiasts, including hunters and target shooters fearing stricter gun laws, will likely now become more robust in the coming months.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: A Smith & Wesson .357 is shown with various caliber handgun ammunition. Credit: Judi Bottoni / Associated Press

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Comments (59)

A similar law was in effect for about 20 years starting in the early 70's.
As a busy California gun dealer during all of those years, I filled up thousands of pages of "Ammo Log" sales information, including for basic .22 ammo.
NOT ONE TIME in all of those years did ANY law-enforcement agency look at, check, or even call about any possible ammo sales to unauthorized persons.

I am reading this comment blog a full 14 months after the original article. There are THREE pages of comments. Not a single comment could I find defending AB 962. Nope, not one. Since this is the LA Times, I'd expect to find SOME back-and-forth on the merits, with at least a few "strict gun control" types trying to defend it.

This dearth of pro-AB962 comments is a resounding affirmation of what everyone but that idiot Kevin De Leon knows: if you are a gang, and you know how to bring tons of cocaine and heroin into California despite all the harsh laws to the contrary, getting some handgun ammo is going to be a piece of cake.

Kevin De Leon would rather posture and claim he did something, than actually try to tackle the problem of gang crime. The problem is crime, not guns, and addressing it requires hard work and the dedication of resources -- ie, MONEY. Nope, that's much too hard.

AB962 is dummiest law came out of Sacramento.Gun owner simply drive to Arizona,Nevada,Oregon and get ammo and process Calfornia loses sales tax money you crying you balance your mismanaged budget.Should hope your law get appealed.

I was born and raised in California, Left when the military took me away right after they passed the Assault Weapons Ban in the 80's. And you know what? I have never looked back. You have taken the greastest state in the union and trashed it. I recommend you start fighting back or leave.

I have for years boycotted any and all so called movie stars that are in films where they use firearms and they themselves are anti-gun. So I will add Arnie to the list.
I encourage all to start boycotting these idiots not only there movies but anytime they make personal appearences or are on the talk shows. Just refuse to watch them. I'm very out spoken when it comes to gun ownership and have made a few people mad and I use to feel bad but not anymore. You can say what you want about commenting on blogs but it does get there attention and this has awaken alot of gun owners who were sitting on the fence. In my opinion all Arnie and his buddies have done is to awaken the people about how there rights are being taken away and it will not take much more before people start speaking up. So People Wake Up.

I agree with everyone on these posts. I have written to the Ammo Manufacturers and ask them to discontinue any and all service to california the new third world country.This will be my last year purchasing a hunting or fishing license in this state. I will no longer patronize a governor or state that violates law abiding citizens rights and the Constitution of the United States. I will be relocating to another state that is PRO-GUN. Arnie you have shown your true colors, a anti-gun socialist liberal. I would never vote for you even if you were running for dog warden. You and the rest of the liberal politicians of this state as well as your federal counter parts should be impeached and removed from office.You people are a disgrace to the law abiding citizens of this state and country.

What the firearms and ammo manufacturers should do is boycott .... no guns or ammo shipped to California (Remember Ronnie Barrett) and when the cops have to go back to carrying sticks and crime in the street is even more rampant then the people of Cal. will tell the anti- gunners and environmental whack jobs to shut up and go to hell!!

I was born in CA, I have lived there two times, during my youth and once while serving with the Marine Corps. It is a shame to see what is going on politically there. This law is more than just a stupid "imposition" on CA citizen’s rights. It is bigger than that. It's Orwellian in its clever usurpation of rights. If they can do this and get away with it, then what else can they do?

Fingerprinting? You’ve got to be kidding. Will it be done electronically? Every store has to buy a device and train their clerks?

It’s possible, I suppose, that there are a few criminals stupid enough to actually allow themselves to be fingerprinted but that would mean they are SO stupid they would get caught anyway…

This law is spooky…

I won’t be going to CA anytime soon, vacationing in TX instead where they have reciprocity for my MO concealed carry permit...

I remember in my dreams how beautiful CA was, alas…

Another liberal lying politician sells out to socialism and tyranny and repudiates the oath he took to defend the Constitution. Patriots take note. The lines are being drawn.

Anyone interested in opening a drive thru bulk ammo store in Stateline, Nevada?

P.S. I'm with Arlie. It's time for the ammo manufacturers to take a page from the Ronnie Barret playbook, and cut off sales & service to California law enforcement orginizations.

Best solution for this is for the Manufactures of all ammo, to refuse to sale ammo to law enforcement in the State of California! the Ammo makers have the trump card on this one!
when the cops can't buy ammo they'll scream louder than anybody and the law would be repealed FAST!

It seems that once you are elected, your brain goes on hold!
The politicions in California, should pass a law on drug smuggling that will stop all the gun traffic, oooops I forgot, that has already been done ! I suggest that gun owners unite and find the chapter of the NRA in your area AND JOIN.More people have died for religion in the world so lets register all the Bibles and you can't wear a cross in public or read a bible in a public.No Quater, No retreat, and keep on the offensive and most of all NO SURRENDER. Your rights are carved in stone. Maybe it is time for California sportsmen to boycott fishing and hunting license, this will cause a ripple effect and cause loss of income to the State.Remember Bullet control will stop criminals from getting guns and ammo....yeah right Welcome to Fantasy island...

a total disregard for the 2nd amendment. california needs a gun rights govenor

The one thing California, Illinois, and Northeast Corridor politicians will never admit to is that according to the U.S. Department of Justice's own Bureau of Justice Statistics, wherever there is the right to concealed carry laws and easy and affordable access to firearms and ammunition by law abiding citizens, there is a much lower rate of violent crime.

All of this was proven from the high crime rates of the early 90s when concealed carry first really came about and swept the country to the present day with 45+ states that now enjoy lowered violent crime rates and greater accessibility to weapons and ammunition for law abiding citizens. The issue is not denying weapons and ammunition to criminals; they will get theirs no matter what. The real issue is allowing or denying the right to bear arms to law abiding citizens.

Get active Californians. Living near the state line won’t help you or the rest of us if you don’t get active too. Join the NRA and other grass roots political action groups, write and email your state and national legislators, and be heard here and elsewhere.

i know what you all feel ilived in NY under pataki a rino then spitzer took over and it started getting real bad i now live in Florida i left new york my family grandson becouse long island was getting crime ridden and the politicans did not care about the law abididing many rino republicans in albany my assemblyman tom alfano was one of the worst GOD bless the politicans and governor of florida we are able to exercise the second amendment and the politicans know vote anti gun and you willnot get reelected marion hammer NRA advocate reminds them always GOD bless her

Quote by Bryan Woolman: The article says it all, except for the following: This law was sponsored by law enforcement who are the group who know that it will only effect law abiding citizens. The gangs will still get all the ammo they need. The LAPD and others know this.


No doubt there were some politically motivated individuals in the hierarchy of law enforcement involved. It was fashionable for New York politicians to have some "politician" police chief and a formation of unwilling and/or unwitting recent recruits from the police academy complete with white gloves and dress blues on hand during the signing of these sham laws. Bill Clinton was a master of that tactic too. The truth is that experienced front line law enforcement officers would never be in agreement with such a law. Rank and file law enforcement needs to team up with constitutionally minded citizens as they did in my state and get rid of this bad law and the bad politicians that made it. Start by getting active and getting heard; not just here, but politically and at the grass roots. Gangs, illegals, and crooked leftist politicians just slammed the honest and law abiding people of California. Let this be your wakeup call …

Well ol' Arne sure showed his girly side on this one. I moved from Orange County, Irvine and have not regretted it. The Mn winters are easy to put up with compared to the hassles of the stupid laws of Ca. I can hunt, fish, and snow mobile anywhere I want and not one fence, $$$ to get in, or idiot robbing me. Know why? We might have a gun and you can bet they are loaded.

I don't lock the door of my house. My neighbors have guns. I have never taken the keys out of my car and in Ca that would be considered very stupid. We call it bait.

The last American to leave Ca, take the flag.

I came here for the comments and the links provided not for a newspapers view.
If you vote for democrats you get their ideas... phoning and writing them to ask them to please vote the way you think or the law requires is a waste of time. They know what is right and they are going to do it to you ... after it's "for the children", every thing is with their PR dept.

Does this mean that illegal aliens and gang members have to comply with this infringement to own and bear arms too? The right to bear arms includes keeping them loaded without an infringement or hindrance on the right to buy ammunition. The leftist 9th Circuit will undoubtedly hold up this sham of a law before it gets shot down later by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Just a vindictive thought from an outsider: Buy mucho mucho ammo and reloading supplies (and other stuff) from out of state sources now, before the law goes into effect. Give your muscle bound Mickey Mouse- Hollywood- Kennedy hybred governor an immediate taste of his fruit, as well as an indication of how many Californians he pissed off.

Five years ago I saw it coming and moved out of my home state of over 50 years. I moved to a "Gun Free" state where freedom still exists. Couldn't be happier and I am saddened for my old friend and family in Cally.

Once again a Dumb A** politician is gonna protect you from yourselves!

Especially one who became rich and famous from movies filled with guns, action scenes, explosives, violence, mayhem & murder!

Guess too much influence from the Kennedys rubbed off on him.

WOW!! What a huge black market the Dummy has created.

Will he set up checkpoints at all road leading into California from other states to see if anyone is bringing in ammo?? Talk about massive roadblocks and angry citizens.

Every place should be like Kennesaw, GA. They passed a town ordinance there years ago where every head of household would have a firearm in their home AND ammunition! The outcome? Crime, burglary, home invasions, etc dropped to almost zero!

Sure feel sorry for you folks in California and your Communist style government!


Richard R Harris

Virginia, a gun friendly and common sense state!

The great State of Kalifornia. What will the socialists think of next? I wish you luck in removing the morons you have in Government, local, State, and Federal levels. How can you even afford to live there with all the garbage placed on you?

Just like usual attack the law biding citizen so they
are not able to protect them selves and have to jump
threw hoops to be able to keep them selves safe from
criminals who do not care about any laws !! how about
manditory sentencing for any crimes with fire arms
oh that would be discriminatory agenst the criminals
they must have a strong lobby group in Califronia!!
wake up we must defend our rights to protect our
families and property

ROFL, I do have to say...I TOLD YOU SO!!! Yes to the ol'boy THANK GOD FOR WYOMING! You Californians are losing your rights because YOU got soft!! Guess what happens LOL if they ever try that in Wyoming! ;)

We believe the Constitution IS the law not the base for the law, and in our beliefs of that Constitution are written the the RIGHTS for FREE men to FIGHT TYRANNY!



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