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Wisconsin authorities visit Facebook to find evidence of illegal deer hunting

September 10, 2009 |  1:30 pm

Deer1 Shining deer, or placing a light on them at night and shooting them, is one of the most cowardly forms of hunting, er, poaching.

It's illegal for a glaringly obvious reason: Deer freeze in spotlights or car headlights and, thus, are extremely vulnerable and can be shot at close range.

Fortunately for authorities, poachers of wildlife aren't known for their smarts. Case in point: Adam M. Frame, 25, and Dustin J. Porter, 24, of Sullivan, Wis., have landed in hot water after Frame allegedly posted a video of deer-shining exploits on Facebook.

Authorities with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel it was its first-ever arrest based on a Facebook video.

Frame reportedly stated in the criminal complaint that he and Porter were driving to Sullivan from a tavern when they spotted deer. Frame added that Porter said he wanted to go home, get his rifle, and use it to shoot deer.

Frame later posted this message on Facebook: "I just posted a video from us hunting at 4 a.m. drunk in a subdivision with my headlight lighting it up."

Frame and Porter were charged in April with one misdemeanor count each of shining, and being party to a crime for the 2007 incident. Frame, as part of a plea agreement, pleaded guilty last month to shining while in possession of a firearm. His fine amounts to a slap on the wrist, however: $354.

The case against Porter is pending.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service