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Firearm safety classes (and ammo sale) on tap this month at Raahague's


Hunters and gun enthusiasts might note that National Rifle Assn.-certified instructors from Doc Hollyday will conduct firearm safety classes Saturday and Sept. 19 at Raahauge's hunting and shooting range in Corona.

All aspects of handling weapons responsibly will be addressed.

But perhaps more appealing to many are the bold red letters at the bottom of the Raahauge's announcement: "THE RANGE HAS ALL KINDS OF AMMO FOR SALE!"

That's because sales of ammunition, along with some types of weapons, has been so brisk that it has fallen in short supply as more citizens appear to be concerned that tougher gun and ammo laws will be imposed by the Barack Obama administration. 

Class prices are as follows: Shotgun class, $100, includes shotgun rental and ammo; rifle class, $130, includes rifle rental but not ammo; pistol class, $145, includes pistol rental and a Department of Justice handgun safety certificate, but not ammo.

Raahauge's can be reached at (951) 735-7981

-- Pete Thomas


Gun, ammunition sales remain robust across the U.S.

Fear of gun limits fuels a burst of demand for bullets

Photo: New 5.56mm cartridges are seen at Stone Hart manufacturing in Miami in April. Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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