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Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry targeted by PETA over views on hunting

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, left, and lead singer Steven Tyler share the spotlight during a concert in this 2001 file photo.

It's no secret that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is against hunting and fishing, and many believe this group's collective heart is in the right place.

But PETA might also be labeled, by some, as a cheap-shot artist specializing in juvenile criticisms against whomever falls into its cross-hairs. And anyone who hunts or fishes, especially if that person is a celebrity, is a potential target.

The latest big name to land in this category is Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, who told Outdoor Life magazine he has enjoyed hunting since he was a kid and that he only kills what he eats. Perry further stated that "hunters are conservationists and their heads are in the right place."

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange, in her blog, grabbed hold of these words and penned some lyrics of her own. They were less than kind:

"People who take out their aggressions and frustrations on helpless animals are usually compensating for other shortcomings in their life. We don't know how Joe measures up, but it's interesting that he seems to feel so satisfied when he's handling long phallic-looking weapons."

Presumably and understandably, Perry did not shoot back.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, left, and lead singer Steven Tyler share the spotlight during a concert in this 2001 file photo. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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Comments (7)

First off, Lisa Lange seems very indiscriminate about oblong objects being phallic symbols. Not that I brag or speak for anyone else, I can personally attest to the fact that killing animals does not make one less endowed. As exemplified in some New Jersey communities, the only effective way to prevent deer from overpopulating and spreading disease and famine to other species is to have a controlled hunting season. I would know, I study wildlife management at a community college. Want to reduce the need for hunting? Get rid of a lot of people and buildings. Urban sprawl is what's endangering wildlife, not hunters.

i just like to think what if there was a natural disaster and all their lovely plant stores were gone and the only way to survive was to in a way fend for yourself, the old fashioned way? who will be running to the hunters of the world wanting not to starve to death! in that case i hope joe perry declines to help mrs.peta turn her back on her "morals".

All I can say is that people like her make me sick. PETA is a rediculous organization, and the world would be better off without all of the people that even remotely support animal rights in any way. In my opinion, when an animal can sit down and have an intelligent conversation with me, those idiots at PETA might have an intelligent argument, but until then, nope. I would love to see an interview with that woman and Ted Nugent . Not in the same room, though. Old Uncle Ted might just rip her head off!!!

It seems to me that Lisa is the one suffering from sexual frustrations if she thinks a rifle resembles a penis. Perhaps it has been some time since she saw one, a rifle that is of course.

In this day and age when all the scientific information is out there that shows how hunting helps animals thrive, it is laughable that people do not realize hunters are the only ones truely supporting their survival. I often ask non supporters of hunting what they did for conservation this year. Most shrug and say nothing. Hunters spend millions each year on land and animal conservation. It's for the love of the animal that we do it. If there were no hunters there would be no animals. There would be buildings from LA to New York and down to Florida with no open land in between. As for the macho hunter complex, you are sadly mistaken. Unless you've been there you do not know. I have a wife, a little boy and a good business. I'm not lacking anything that would necesitate having to go to the woods to "KILL" something. I, as many hunters do, often go hunting and never kill anything. It's not the kill, it's the hunt. I also feel that people who are against hunting are lacking something in their own lives. Maybe if they stepped outside once in a while they'd experience life instead of living through TV and their computer.

Listen if Perry decides to advocate for hunting then he must expect a backlash. I personaly agree with Lisa's opinion and so called macho hunter types often do have,. let's say certain issues!

Too bad PETA's Lisa Lange's blog comments are exceedingly juvenile...proving her to be less than credible. She's PETA's Senior Vice President??? If that's the best PETA can do, my venison supply and full length mink coat are safe forever!


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