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Yosemite National Park Big Meadow Fire update


The Big Meadow Fire in Yosemite National Park continues to grow, with estimates this morning at 4,382 acres and 50% containment.

In addition to evacuations and closures previously reported on Outposts, the community of Old El Portal has been evacuated, and Yosemite View Lodge, located outside the west entrance of the park, is now closed.

Although visitors may experience delays on area roads due to firefighting operations, much of the park is open.

"There are still many areas unaffected by the wildfire, for example Tuolumne Meadows, accessed from the east off Highway 395,"  said park spokeswoman Vicky Mates.

For updated fire information, visitors can call (209) 372-0327, (209) 372-0480, or (209) 372-0669 daily during business hours or visit www.inciweb.org.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Fire burns on a hillside in the lower valley at Yosemite National Park. Credit: Mark Duncan / Associated Press
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Comments (6)

Ease off people...Yosemite fire crew busts there butts,
You say But they started this "Controlled" FIRE. The park service should be sued by friends of yosemite for failure to train and failure to supervise the Government employees who created this mess! This was created right in the heaviest of tourist season but I doubt they care since they get bug bucks from Uncle Sam. Where do you think Uncle Sam gets it from?
Fire who ever was in charge!

Ease off people...Yosemite fire crew busts there butts and risk their lives every year to with the goal of improving forest health and preventing catastrophic fires...trying to fix the poor fire management of 100 years past.
Sure one gets away once in a while, "controlled burns" are still subject to Ma Natures whimsy...should we stop? We already know that doesn't work.
Should we hold them responsible for death and destruction or praise and thank them for all they have prevented over the years. I'm for cutting them some slack and hope they stay safe while getting it under control.

A prescribed burn in August . . . quick, put these people in charge of the nation's health care.

aren't controlled burns suppose to be controlled. why would one be started in hot august. it made our visit there delayed by 3 hours due to rerouting to the north entrance.

The individuals who "authorized" this fire should be held accountable for any injuries and deaths related to this fire and they should immediately be fired and forced to pay for damages!

This started out as a prescribed burn. Why on earth would you have a prescribed burn on the hottest most fire hazardous days of the year?

Its just plain lunacy


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