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Women making a name for themselves in Moto X

August 1, 2009 |  7:56 pm

Fiolek Ashley Fiolek won the gold medal in the Women’s Moto X Super X Final without even hearing the sound of her own bike.

This Moto X athlete became the first – and only – deaf champion in the sport’s history in 2008 when she won the Women’s Motorcross Association National Championship.

Coming to the X Games was one of the biggest thrills of her life. She thinks that every year, women will gain more popularity in the sport that she loves.

“Getting added to the X Games is huge, it’s huge for our sport. It’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. And people have noticed that we can do it. We can ride motorcycles,” Fiolek said.

Silver medalist Jessica Patterson reiterated Fiolek’s optimism. She said that competing in the X Games really helps the sport’s future and that Women’s Moto X is getting more publicity and becoming more widely accepted.

“They are starting to see that we can do everything now. We’re getting a little bit more exposure each time. They’re surprised really that we go out there and try to do the same events as the men. They’re pretty pumped on what we do,” Patterson said.

Elizabeth Bash, who won the bronze medal, felt honored when she realize that the fans really like Women’s Moto X.

“I’ve signed a lot of autographs today, which is pretty cool. I think [being in the X Games] is good for the sport and I bet in a few more years it’ll be even better,” she said.

Bu when asked what she’d like to see women do at the X Games in the future, Bash responded with what she personally would love to do if she could.

“If I could skateboard I would definitely do that. Just because I think it’s awesome.”

-- Lauren Goldman

Photo: Ashley Fiolek. Credit Christian Pondella/Red Bull