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Shark Week appears to be overly sensational this year -- good or bad?

August 3, 2009 |  9:52 am


It's "Shark Week" and Discovery Channel has put together a lineup of shows sure to inform and, it might seem to some, inspire fear at a time when conservationists are trying to dispel the myth that sharks are out for blood.

The program opened Sunday with the 1916 story that inspired the making of "Jaws," involving the first multiple shark attack in American history, off New Jersey beaches.

Here's the remaining lineup (all shows begin at 9 p.m. PDT):

Tonight: "Deadly Waters," with attack survivor Lee Stroud on a mission to find the world's deadliest shark waters; and a 10 p.m. encore called "Day of the Shark," involving a great white that plows through a diving cage, trapping the divers inside.

Tuesday: "Sharkbite Summer," focusing on a spate of attacks in 2001 and revisiting the sites where the attacks occurred, featuring interviews with victims, doctors and shark experts.

Wednesday: "Great White Appetite," which will explore the predator's eating habits at various white shark haunts around the world.

Thursday: "Shark After Dark," which explores the nocturnal habits of sharks using various equipment and a team of divers that travels to various hunting grounds of white sharks, tiger sharks and six-gill sharks.

An intriguing schedule, but judging from the show descriptions they appear to be light on research and heavy on sensational events. Better for ratings, I guess.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: A great white shark. Credit: David Fleetham / Discovery Channel

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