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Diogo Canina wins gold in BMX Freestyle Park -- and then loses it

August 1, 2009 |  2:37 pm

Cranmer Diogo Canina won gold in the BMX Freestyle Park final – and then he didn’t. There was still the final round to determine the winner, so Canina, confused though he was, got off the shoulders off a friend and had to go fetch his helmet, which he had thrown in celebration.

What happened? Most everyone was asking that. After, it was said the announcer simply made a mistake and declared a winner too early.

“Poor guy,” said Scotty Cranmer, who really won gold in the end, scoring 132 to Canina’s 131.

“I told him, instead of celebrating, you should’ve ran and cashed the check.”

In the press conference, Cranmer told Canina not to worry about his celebration being televised because a cameraman told Cranmer it wasn’t.

But it was televised, and Canina found out through his mom, who called him.

“I said, ‘Mom, did I win in the first round? Was I screaming, throwing my helmet?’” Canina said, reinacting his embarrassed expression when he found out it was televised.  

“But you know, it happens. It’s a bummer.”

“I won gold and then I won silver,” Canina said. “What about that.”

-Baxter Holmes

Photo: Scotty Cranmer competes in the BMX Freestyle Park final. Cranmer won the event. Credit: Lori Shepler/Associated Press