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Ronnie Renner launches 63 feet above ground on motorcycle, sets record

July 26, 2009 |  9:05 am

Photo sequence of Renner's record-setting jump

You have to hand it to Red Bull-sponsored motorcycle riders for continuing to astonish fans with their remarkable achievements, and to the makers of the energy drink for adeptly using these athletes to maintain high visibility.

Two weeks ago, Robbie Maddison performed a back flip across the 100-foot gap of London's fabled Tower Bridge.

On Saturday at Chicago's Butler Field at Grant Park, with the city's skyline as a backdrop, Ronnie Renner launched himself 63 feet, 5 inches above ground, eclipsing the world record he set last year.

“It’s been crazy. I’m so pumped to have done it,” Renner said afterward. “What a killer vibe! All these people coming out to see me and they were psyched. I could hear the crowd cheering.”

Guinness World Records certified Renner’s highest jump, which was officially measured from the top of the 22-foot quarterpipe wall as 41 feet, 5 inches from the top of the ramp. That placed him 63 feet, 5 inches above ground, which from a motorcycle seat must present a daunting perspective.

-- Pete Thomas 

Photo sequence of Renner's record-setting jump by Garth Milan / Red Bull