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Todd Potter misses practice because of L.A. traffic, wins Moto X Best Whip anyway

July 30, 2009 |  7:15 pm

Todd Potter gets perpendicular in mid-air to win the Moto X Best Whip competition.

There were shades of Allen Iverson, and his infamous comments about practice -- but only because Todd Potter didn’t show up for that part.

He was stuck in traffic on his way to Staples Center after leaving the Home Depot Center, where other X Games events are being held.

“Traffic man, L.A. is a [expletive],” the Temecula native said afterward.

But oh well. He won the Moto X Best Whip competition anyway, his second time in two years, with the fans deciding his victory by text message.

He got 42% of the vote out of the six total riders. James Stewart took second with 21%, and Ryan Carmichael got 17%.

(The vote was also unanimous between myself and my Times colleague Lauren Goldman, who was watching from up high while I was on the ground floor.)

Popularity contest that the event was, it was clear to the naked eye that Potter was by far the winner – and it was clear after the first of the two five-minute sessions in which the riders went one after the other, taking turns whipping their motorcycles sideways or upside down.

Potter took it sideways, even turning 270-degree whip at one point, whipping the bike left and right before landing.

“I’ve been practicing whipping every day so coming here, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.” 

Must have worked. After the event, Potter carried with him into the news conference the jersey of Stewart, which is what was wagered between the two.

-- Baxter Holmes

Photo: Todd Potter gets perpendicular in mid-air to win the Moto X Best Whip competition. Credit: Alex Gallardo/Los Angeles Times