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Mt. Whitney fish hatchery to reopen Saturday

Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery.  
The Mt. Whitney fish hatchery will reopen to visitors beginning Saturday at 10 a.m.

The historic trout breeding center in Independence, which began operation in 1917, was closed last year when floods and mudslides caused extensive damage to ponds, pumps and outbuildings.

The Friends of Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery, headed by Bruce Ivey, led a cleanup and recovery effort that brought about the reopening of the facilities.

Visitors can tour the grounds and the main building, which is now an interpretative center with displays and historic information.

The pond in front of the hatchery has also been cleaned and stocked with trout. Though there are no plans in the near future to raise fish onsite, the ones currently in the pond are Department of Fish and Game brood trout that will be used next March for breeding.

To celebrate the opening, there will be a barbecue dinner held at the hatchery Saturday at 5 p.m., with tickets available at the location.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery. Credit: California Department of Fish and Game

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I stopped here once, years ago. It is a beautiful place. The pond had some 24" trout ! The main building is breathtaking in it's grandeur. I was saddened to hear of the mudslide damage, but I'm happy to learn that the place has been restored. I look forward to seeing it again and touring the interior and historical exhibits.


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