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Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano showing increased activity


Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano has started showing increased activity again.

Though it's still at an "orange" watch level instead of a "red" eruption level on the Alaska Volcano Observatory website, the most recent observation posted on the site states that seismic and rockfall activity is at a heightened level.

Scientists monitoring the volcano believe an eruption is likely in the coming days.

Their observations conclude that the growing lava dome is becoming increasingly unstable. Should a dome failure occur, it likely would result in a significant explosion producing high-altitude ash plumes and possible ash fall in parts of south-central Alaska.

Sounds as if the slumbering giant is reawakening.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo courtesy of Dennis Anderson/Night Trax Photography

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a great source for more information on Mt. Redoubt is the Alaska Volcano Observatory site: http://www.avo.alaska.edu/activity/Redoubt.php

Thank you for writing, and for reading.

Kelly Burgess

can you send me more on this volcano only i would really appreciate it


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