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Flying Fish Festival begins today on Santa Catalina Island


*Updated Huell Howser to link to Huell Howser Productions website

Huell Howser will be grand marshal at this year's Flying Fish Festival, taking place today through Sunday on Santa Catalina Island.

Held to celebrate the return of flying fish to waters off the island, the annual event has a myriad of activities scheduled. Kicking things off this evening is the Taste Around of Avalon, at which attendees can sample fare from local restaurants.

Boat and kayak tours will take place each evening, when the fish are most active and can be lured closer to the vessels using lights.

Other activities include a parade, a street fair and beer garden, musical entertainment, live marine touch tanks, garden tours and children's crafts.

The festival this year coincides with the 80th anniversary of the iconic Casino Building, where a dance will be held Saturday evening. Admission will be $19.29, to commemorate the building's opening date.

Flying fish can be seen near Catalina from May to September. While they don't actually fly like birds, their unusually large pectoral fins enable the fish to take short gliding flights above the surface of the water.

-- Kelly Burgess

Image credit:  Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

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Thanks very much for the information on the Huell Howser link not being the correct MySpace page for Mr. Howser. I have updated it to link to the California Gold website instead and have learned a valuable lesson.

Kelly Burgess

The MySpace account is NOT Huell's. Best to link to our website www.calgold.com
but if you must link to a MySpace at least do the right one: http://www.myspace.com/huellhowser

I am a producer for Huell Howser Prod.



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