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Will Mexico's drug war lead to tighter gun control laws in U.S.?

Gun_opt-1 Hunters, target shooters and general gun owners: Try to imagine living in a country that has only one gun store. It's run by the army,  and buyers, who often wait months before receiving a permit, have to prove first that they make an honest living.

They must also undergo a psychological exam. The number of guns one can own is restricted. Ammunition sales are limited. Areas where guns can be carried are severely restricted. Selling guns to another person requires gobs of red tape.

That country is Mexico.

The Arizona Republic today ran a story on Mexico's gun-control laws, among the strictest in the world, and quoted a Mexican gun shopper as saying, "If the United States had a system like ours, we wouldn't have so many problems here in Mexico."

Agustin Villordo was referring, of course, to the heavily armed drug cartels, whose weapons come primarily from the U.S. And his statement surely will cause U.S. citizens -- who cherish their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms as they cherish their freedom --  to collectively cringe.

On Thursday, U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will be in Mexico City to discuss ways to prevent smuggling weapons into Mexico. Mexican President Felipe Calderon said recently that "it is necessary to reduce the sale of weapons, particularly of high-power weapons, in the United States."

(That pitter-patter of feet you hear is the sound of U.S. citizens running to the nearest gun store to purchase weapons before the gun-control screws are tightened on this side of the border.)


To be sure, gun sales in the U.S. will remain brisk during the coming months. Citizens and pro-gun groups anticipate changes anyway, under the new administration. Now they're concerned about a playing-off-of-fear factor related to the bloody violence unleashed almost daily by cartel members against each other in Mexico.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today published an Op-Ed piece by former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr on gun control. Barr wrote: "After enhancing their majorities in the House and Senate, and fresh from grabbing the brass ring at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Democratic leaders in Washington and their anti-gun counterparts in the Brady Campaign and elsewhere are energized and actively starting to push their anti-gun agenda."

Barr continued: "If the Obama administration -- like its predecessor --  was truly serious about stemming whatever the flow of firearms from the United States to Mexico might be (the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms claims 90% of guns used in shootings in Mexico come from the U.S., but it has offered no proof),  it could do so easily by simply enforcing and more closely monitoring our immigration and existing firearms laws."

And Barr concluded: "The gun-control crowd is pushing its radical agenda on these and many other fronts; and law-abiding Americans had better open their eyes to the clever ways in which they are plying their trade in the courts, the Congress and international forums. Much is at stake."

So it seems.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo (top): A revolver. Credit: Associated Press

Photo (bottom): Weapons captured in a raid last year by Mexican authorities engaged in a war against drug cartels. Credit: Associated Press

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Comments (28)

First of all automatic weapons used by the drug cartels are all but impossible to buy in the US. Only police and military are allowed to have those. The same is true of functioning grenades. That means the weapons obtained by the drug cartels from this country could only come from our police or military.

Also over strict gun laws results in everyone ignoring gun laws with much deadlier arms than are currently available. For a first hand report go to this link:

The people will no longer put up with any more gun laws in this country. I have spoken with hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the last year alone on the subject. They are from all walks of life and a proportionate number of them were liberals. They almost all (with very few exceptions) intend to disregard any more laws. I fear that if the government trues anything they will have a very serious fight on its hands and it could get very ugly !

Anyone who has their head out of their 'tukus' knows that in Mexico, ANYTHING is legal, if you have enough bribe money, or 'connections'. Saying that banning guns in the US will stop violence in Mexico is like saying banning drugs in Mexico will stop drug use in the US.
I'm not giving up any of my rights, because drug addicts want their fix and drug cartels want drug money. Go kill the foolish drug addicts by lacing the drugs with cyanide and leave the rest of us alone........SERIOUSLY. That'd kill most of Hollywood! Yeh, I knew that was a good idea!



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