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Crocodile-hunting safaris to become the latest rage in Australia?


There are African hunting safaris, then there is the Australian version, which, if approved, will involve shooting saltwater crocodiles such as the one pictured above with high-powered rifles.

The country's Northern Territory government has included trophy crocodile hunting as part of a draft management plan. The hunting, it's believed, will create jobs and enterprise for indigenous people.

According to a story in the Australian newspaper, a proposed trial program would allow the killing of 25 crocodiles over the next five years. The crocodiles must measure 10 feet or more, rifles must be .30-caliber or higher, and shots must be to the head and at reasonably close range, to ensure a swift kill.

Geoff Fleming, a partner in Peter Davidson's Arnhem Land Hunting Safaris, told the Australian: "There's real interest out there in croc hunting because there's not too many trophy animals to hit up here; just buffaloes, banteng, pig, goats and a few samba deer.

"This could absolutely succeed, but 25 animals over five years isn't enough. I don't know where they get that figure from; it's silly. We're overrun with them."

There are about 80,000 crocodiles in the region. Naturally, animal rights groups oppose the plan.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: A saltwater crocodile emerges from the Adelaide river near Darwin in Australia's north. Credit: Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images

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Comments (9)

Feed the animal right activists to the crocodiles!

Agreed on having to eat the croc. These beasts are too special to be picked off by wealthy lazy hunting dilattentes. These guys better have to spend a few days gutting cleaning tanning and smoking their catch. Schlep their own gear. Wipe their own arse.

Aww, whatever-- let the fake men come have some pampered hunting experience, as long as they cough up plenty of dough we'll try not to make fun of them too much.

Naw, forget the hunting- keep the salty population high! Who else is going to pick off the German tourists who insist on taking a nice healthy swim in the Arnhemland rivers?

If they are serious about creating jobs, the killing of 25 crocs is going to piss a lot more people off who will decide not to go to the northern territory because of this than it would cause to go.

There is already every reason to go to the Northern Territory, and seeing a saltwater crocodile in its natural habitat is one of biggest. And again, if you arn't going to eat it, you are just killing for killings sake, which is sick.

This seems to be a not too well thought out exercise. If you start killing the largest and older crocs it will lead to a smaller size croc with time. Once there were really big crocs in the world but now nothing over 5-6 meters long are found. With this plan is for sure that the great crocs will never be seen again.

maybe we could farm them? oh, I think we already do that.

Great idea. When the crocs start eating children it's time to act. The authorities should have done it sooner.

Let me assure Mr Ray McConn that the photo is indeed a saltwater Crocodile, probably in the order 3 - 4 metres in length.

They waited until Steve Irwin was good and dead before they pulled this one off.

That's a picture of an Alligator, not a Croc!


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