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Monster sturgeon (photo): Where will it surface next?

1,000-pound sturgeon

Sea monsters do not exist. Or do they?

The sturgeon in the accompanying photo was caught at some point in time, on some body of water, most likely on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, in 2005.

The photo was sent to Outposts this morning by 976-TUNA's Philip Friedman.

Friedman posted the photo on his website, briefly, with a caption stating the fish was caught two weeks ago, after a six-hour fight involving four anglers, on the Willamette River below Oregon City in Oregon.

Turns out, the photo has been surfacing sporadically since 2005.

"There are versions that claim the fish was caught in the Rainy River, Minnesota, in Willamette River, Oregon, a lake in Oklahoma, a river in Texas, and various other locations, some of which do not even have fish of that size or species," explains the Hoax Slayer website.

Hoax Slayer determined the beast to have been caught on the Fraser River in 2005. It weighed about 1,000 pounds and measured 11-plus feet. And the behemoth -- white sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America -- was released alive.

That is, according to legend.

-- Pete Thomas

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Comments (5)

Thats a normal day in Oregon! Another 6 weeks an they'll be out in force. Now go visit some fishing chicks at www.cupidfish.com

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Can't vouch for the specifics of this photo, but the idea of an 11-foot long fresh water sturgeon is not unbelievable. And the Fraser River is where the biggest ones are found. Here's a Daily Mail article from Britain about two anglers who caught (and unfortunately killed) a 100-year-old sturgeon.


In the late 19th century there was a large commercial industry for sturgeon in the bay area; then they ran upwards of 2,000 pounds and were hauled ashore by horses. Prized for their meat and eggs, they were also sought for a substance called isinglass, found in their swim bladders and used to clarify beer, among other things. They were nearly fished out of existnce, but at least the beer was clear.

I summarize t his article as, "Fwd. Fwd. Fwd big fish was caught somewhere at sometime in the past, maybe."

Without any facts to accompany the photo it's difficult to believe it's authenticity.


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