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Alaska's Mt. Redoubt volcano continues to erupt

Mt. Redoubt bellows steam and ash across the Cook Inlet.

Alaska's Mt. Redoubt certainly seems to be keeping scientists and researchers on their toes and alert. No sooner does the volcano seem to be quieting down than another eruption occurs, spewing ash and steam into the air. 

The most recent occurred about 7:25 p.m. Friday (Alaska time). The Alaska Volcano Observatory website states that the eruption emitted an ash cloud up approximately 51,000 feet.

It closely followed one at about 5:35 p.m. that sent ash to an estimated height of 40,000 feet, and was the third or fourth eruption of the day.

Alaska Airlines had resumed flights into the area only to post an alert on its website stating that flights may experience delays or cancellations because of the extremely active volcano.

I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of this, as the eruptions seem to be growing in frequency.

—Kelly Burgess 

Photo: Mt. Redoubt bellows steam and ash across the Cook Inlet.

Credit: Al Grillo / Associated Press

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Comments (12)

I think the mountain was in Alaska long before the first jet or any one with 2 legs for that matter

Tom are you in business w/Al Gore?

Al: Could it be that you're getting your information from crackpots and wishful thinkers?

Gee, I wonder how much CO2 has been emitted into the environment. Could it be that every volcano around the world emmites more CO2 into the environment than all of the human activity by 10 fold? Could it be that "Global Warming" is really not caused by humans? Could it be that the sun is melting the ice caps through solar flares on earth, just as it is doing on the other planets in the solar system? Could it be that 70 % of all volcanos occur under water, warming the seas? Could it be that we are all being sold a bill of goods, we have no control over, and charged a HUGE tax in the form of Cap and Trade? Could it be that America needs to wake up and ask these questions?

I wonder with this eruption will be the size of this volcano's carbon footprint is. LOL

Alexis, there are no coincidences. It was a revelation given to you by God to keep that jar all those years and end up finding it days before the event. Get back in touch with Him Alexis.

Sure we have a bunch of problems with flying and everything but what are we suppose to do about it? Thats nature and we can't do anything about it. All I want is for the ashes to turn away from Anchorage. If that happens, I would be happy and I hope that jets would start flying again.

we got ash down in wassila

In response to Michaels' statement: Sorry to say this, but the Earths activity doesn't happen to inconvience you or anyone else. It just happens. I really get annoyed when people say, "Why did this happen to me?" It's not personal!! It's the same thing when people live in a flood plan and can't understand why the water rises and they get flooded out, and it happens every spring, every year and people continue to take it personally, like they are being punished for living. Doesn't happen that way; sorry.

Oh wow that is amazing. When I lived up in Alaska back in the eighty's back then, It errupted and we weren't allowed to go anywhere or leave the house. And it would ruin our car engines if we were to drive anywhere. It was very scary but luckily the mt. is far enough away that nobody was hurt or anything. It was very strange to me though since it doesn't get dark in Alaska that all the ash was covering the sky and stuff. The ash was so thick (about 4 inches thick) that I went out and scooped up a jar of ash and kept it. What's funny is that just a few day's before the mt. erupted, I had actually just found that jar after all those years. Haha what a coincedince right. Well thank you for taking the time to read this. ~~Alexis

This is significantly behind the times, I'm from Alaska, and as of right now, there have been thirteen significant eruptions...we've had six eruptions in the past twenty-four hours.

when will the volcano stop erupting?
all its doing is causing a bunch of problems.


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