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Alaska's Mt. Redoubt quiets, Alaska Airlines flights resume

Photo of Mt. Redoubt from webcam Monday evening.

Alaska Airlines has resumed flights to and from Alaska after assessing conditions following six volcanic eruptions of the state's 10,200-foot Mt. Redoubt volcano on Sunday and Monday.

It states on the airline's website: "Scheduled service to Bethel, Nome and Kotzebue will operate pending favorable reports that ash clouds have moved out of the area."

In all, 35 flights were canceled because of the explosive eruptions, which sent ash clouds as high as 60,000 feet.

The airline was forced to seal its grounded jets from abrasive ash particles. Redoubt, located 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, has been relatively quiet today but scientists anticipate more violent explosions. The last time Redoubt erupted, in 1989-90, explosions occurred sporadically over a period of five months.

Travelers are encouraged to check Alaska's website and the Alaska Volcano Observatory website in advance of scheduled flights.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo from webcam Monday evening courtesy of Alaska Volcano Observatory/U.S. Geological Survey

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