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Sarah Palin falls under video attack by Ashley Judd over aerial hunt program

In case you missed it, below is a video in which actress Ashley Judd blasts Sarah Palin for her support of the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska.

It's the first major attack on Alaska's governor regarding this issue since Palin was a candidate for vice president --and it's just as vicious as previous attacks, with Judd, on behalf of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, urging Palin to "stop the senseless savagery."

Allowing Alaskans to run down and shoot wolves from the airplanes or helicopters is certainly inhumane, but the program, which Palin supports, is considered a necessary means of predator control. Unlike previous attacks, though, this one seems aimed squarely at Palin.

In a statement from her office, Palin fired back. "It is reprehensible and hypocritical that the Defenders of Wildlife would use Alaska and my administration as a fund-raising tool to deceive Americans into parting with their hard-earned money," she said.

For the record, Alaska's wolves and and bears are "intensively managed" in six zones where moose and caribou populations are deemed dangerously low. Enjoy the video...

--Pete Thomas

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Comments (62)

First of all, why hasn't anybody realized there is no substantial argument as to WHY it should be legal to hunt wolves from airplanes? Oh, the caribou population is low! You know what happens then? The ecosystem does not allow for as many wolves to exist, therefore wolves die out on their own. It's nature, it's what happens naturally. There is absolutely NO reason or need to kill wolves from airplanes, let alone gas wolf dens thus killing pups and wolf mothers (and yes, Palin helped make it legal to gas wolves). I

I literally cannot believe some of you are defending Sarah Palin and her anti-wildlife policies. Are you crazy? Or just plain uneducated and ultra right wing? The hunters are shooting defenseless animals out of an airplane with 12 gauge shot guns so that the animals get hit with small pellets and run themselves to exhaustion in agony. I can understand hunting for food, or killing an animal that is attacking or going to attack you. But this? You honestly support this? If you do, you need to get your head examined because you are pathetic and have no respect for the natural world and life in general.

II believe the animals living in the wilds of Alaska may be considered to be the common property of the people of that state. The harvesting of this resource is strictly limited by the number of state hunting licenses issued. Contrast the ethics of harvesting free-living animals with the slaughter of those animals we eat which have been forced to live in concentration-camp style feed-lot farms.

Predator and prey are in lock step. If left alone they will balance themselves out. If you want to get rid of the predators just hunt their food source to extinction and starvation will do the rest. Didn't we already do this with the buffalo and the plains Indians?


Aerial hunting or harassment of wolves and other animals is banned by the Airborne Hunting Act in every state in the union. Only official state and national wildlife agencies are allowed to use this technique. If you buzz a flock of sheep as in the movie "Silver Streak," you are in violation of federal law.

It is my understanding that "Sport Hunting" is not the primary issue in Alaska. I believe Governor Palin and other Alaskans hunt because of the high cost of imported beef. Alaska is a vast, thinly populated remote area larger than California, Oregon, Nevada, and Texas combined. If animals are to be controlled to prevent excessive predation those of game animals required to feed the population, then I think it only makes sense to use the most effective means available.

If you want to campaign against hunting for sport then you should seek to ban that activity. I suggest you find a sport hunter to attack rather than someone who hunts to feed her family. I believe banning hunting for food could adversely affect the Alaskan economy and perhaps violate Native American rights

Isn't there a more less painful way of controlling the wolf population.. to die in such manner says something about us as humans.

I dont agree with the arial hunting of wolves & have known about Palin's support of it for years. I think everyone should know what she supports. Also, I will never understand why the defense of God's creatures is so appalling to those who cry out against abortions. To me, life is life. I dont support abortions, especially partial or late and think those should be done away with, yet this doesnt mean I must agree with the "predator control" that is soley created due to sport hunting. Wolves and moose and caribou and the INuits have been living together in balance for centuries. Only when man comes in and starts tilting the balance do we have problems. It is very important to have healhty wolf populations. Just look at Yosemite for examples. Anyway, I just dont like people throwing out the abortion card... its just really dumb if you have any spiritual leanings at all. God doesnt approve of either practice. He created both of us...and although we have dominion, we also have stewardship and are suppsoed to show respect to HIS Creation!!
And ya, this is for fundraising... it costs money to fight those sport hunting organizations who are backed by the Alaskan govt with half a million dollars of YOUR TAX MONEY! So much for fiscal conservative!

why would anyone ever kill an animal in such a barbaric manner. Sara Palin is such a whack job its not even funny! I understand controlling the wolf population but that is so disgusting. they should put her in the snow and have someone shoot at her in a plane. what a despicable way to do handle a problem. Also who's business is it to make laws about abortion anyway? If you don't believe in it then dont do it. you losers get a life. Hey billybob lets go with joe the buttcrack plumber and shoot wolves in my nifty new airplane we can drink molson and chew tobacky. seriously backward mentality. deliverance ring a bell? she probably is her husbands cousin lol.

I'm sick of the so-called "Hollywood elite" selling and using their fame to try to influence us poor nobodys. Palin got where she is by guts, determination and brains. Judd got where she is on her back.

when will we hear any of the Hollywood elite defending something other than animals or the earth/
I want to hear someone from that town defend children, the aged, unborn babies, something that could really make a difference on our planet.
Maybe had Palin aborted her last child, she would have garnered more support and respect from the freaks of California. I am so sick of all of them


Wolves are not the problem. When studied for their diets researchers found rodents are a main source of food. The larger animals wolves eat are the weakest, so wolves strengthen the herds.

People are the problem: They kill the biggest, strongest animals and weaken the herds.

Good for you, Ashley!

My family's tourist dollars won't be spent in Alaska as long as the secessionist's wife is governor.


I believe you are not allowing for the fact that Alaska is so remote and so far north that our market-farm economy does not totally supplant the native economy dependent on hunting.

The national Airborne Hunting Act prohibits the use of aircraft for hunting or harassment of animals with the sole exception of official use by state or federal wildlife management agencies. Ashley Judd is asking to have that exception removed so that the government cannot manage wildlife in an effective manner.

I suspect that many now believe that all women have a transcendent sacred duty to prevent or oppose the killing defenseless wild animals. Men appear to be exempted from this responsibility. People living in a society dependent on hunting cannot afford the luxury of any such belief.

OMG...you people are ridiculous! I can't beleive the off the wall comments with absolutely no factual base. Reading into your foolery you would think wolves are hunting down people to take over the world, get the facts people. More people are kill, attacked by domesticated dogs - this goes for pets too. Wolves are hunted for the same misconceptions people have had about them for 100s of years.....nice to see we have progressed as a society(not). To imagine most of us have actually gotten dumber and more ignorant - shocking. Do you people forget Palin is a hunter, caribou, elk and other populations are not low, they are actually higher then they have been but wolves are a predator - uh did you all forget that is how nature works? Nature does a pretty good job of keeping a helathy balance but we as a society feel the need to [mess] with it. The point is, Pailin wants more Caribou, elk, deer, etc for hunting so she can stuff her face with it and have a good ole time with her friends. Sport hunting is also a huge economic boost from all the money it brings in, if you only have enough to provide for the wolves and to keep the cycle going no one can go hunting for fun...boo hoo. It's really simple, I am not sure why even the writer of this article doesn't really understand it - what does he define as predator control? What does he even mean by that? I guess when you say "predator control" you really don't have to work and talk about the actual factual details of the situation. You can say predator control and it makes people feel like you are doing the right thing when really you might be practicing "denning" which involves dragging just born wolves pups from there den and shooting them execution style and leaving them - yes Palin supports this too. What a great lady she is.

Despite Judd's Celebrity status, she is merely stating a fact and is a huge animal activist. Calling her names like moron and go crawl back under the rock you came out of, is mean and wrong. I am a huge animal lover and have been an Independent animal Rescuer for years. If you were the Wolves and you were being hunted and shot down, how would you feel? Maybe we should dress up some of the people that feel this kind of horrific behavor is acceptable, and chase them around with guns and see how it feels to be hunted. They are God's creature's and they are not to be destroyed. Someday we all will meet our Maker and I doubt HE will be too happy with certain human beings that conduct their lives in this manner. I acutally voted for McCain but I was not thrilled by any means with Sarah's dealings with the wolves. We need to protect them and make sure that they don't become extinct. Anyone with a heart inside their chest can surely comprehend this. If not, then I guess you aren't human.

Sarah Palin, IS a "Hollywood elites" now. She came out of the woods and saw the GOOD life, and wants it. So maybe she thinks the wolves are Russian and she is expanding her foreign affairs creds. As for people "having" to kill them, what happened to the "balance of nature" What was happening for the MILLENIA that there were NO people to "control" the wolves? All you "nature boys" explain that. The FIRST thing a reformer does, is pick a thing that does not effect them, and go to work on it. But the first thing a CRIMINAL does is "rationalize" a need for them to commit the crime ........ seems to me Nature balanced itself for millions of years with no shooting from aircraft ........... I think some people want a quick thrill, and are just too lazy to WALK.

Thanks Nick. My Mother didn't tell me I had a sibling. I'm afraid you missed the mark on the hypocrisy bit. By definition..Hypocrisy (or the state of being a hypocrite) is the act of preaching a certain belief or way of life, but not, in fact, holding these same ...So Nick, a hypocrite would be someone who is a member of PETA but continues to wear leather clothing or furs. A vegan sneaking a Whopper every once in a while. A person claiming that they live the "Green" life but live in huge mansions with large electrical and gas bills...Do you catch the drift? Sorry, but I fail to see your connection. I have not made mention of my beliefs, other than to say that I am tired of Hollywood prima donnas telling me their "expert' opinions. But then again, Judd did graduate from U of K with a degree in "French."

If Sarah Palin is so worried about the wildlife why does she does she want to drill where they breed. Humans are so quick to control the animals but who is controlling our breeding habits. Millions of children go without all the time. Do something about that.
If you kill off the alpha males and females of the wolf population their will be no control. Get some scientific proof from someone who is not paid by the oil companies and big business.
And just for the antiabortion folk. Get a clue. Let us bring more unwanted and uncared for children into the world. Way to go!
The universe does not circle around humans alone or there would not be so many other species.

Partisan, Scober?

Look in the mirror, brother. You'll see hypocrisy looking back at you.

Thanks Nick for your partisan insight. And for your answer, any Hollywood hack who uses their popularity to teach us uneducated bumpkins the norms of society (from their point of view) should stick to what they know best...acting, directing and producing. But for some reason, actors and actresses like Judd figure that public adoration and a self-proclaimed PhD in Societal Evolution go hand in hand. Like I said...stick to what they do best and leave the protesting and the debates to the experts.

I will grant that it is possible to argue that with our market-farm economy in the lower 48 states that there is no ethical reason for killing any wild animal for food or sport. In Alaska, I believe, the harsh climate has dictated the survival of the native hunter-gatherer economy to a large extent. I do not think we can judge hunting and animal management policies there by the same standards as apply in the lower 48 states. I believe the wolves portrayed in the clip are being killed for the same basic reason we would kill wolves or coyotes habitually raiding a chicken farm.

Scober, by "Hollywood elites" do you mean people like second rate "B" actor Ronald Reagan? Or maybe Chuck Norris? Arnold SteroidBoy? Charlton Heston?

Or just the Hollywood people you disagree with?

As for you anti-choice whiners, if you don't want an abortion, don't get one.

Maybe if you started lining up at clinics, offering to adopt all the unwanted fetuses, then you might have some credibility. Until then, you're just pathetic whiners.

Jimmy is right. Every day we see evidence that their president sold them a bill of goods, but like a wolf protecting a freshly killed Labrador Retriever, liberals are lashing out at anything threatening their prize. Palin is a logical target because she represents sanity in their insane world. Leave wolf management to the biologists. Interference from the armchair wolf huggers has caused tremendous damage to deer, elk and moose populations in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The wolves may be "beautiful" to Judd and her PETA pals, but absent any natural predators, their numbers need to be controlled, and yes, that means killing them. Whackos like Ms_Celtic don't have a clue, and blaming Palin for Mt. Redoubt, wolf management and the peanut butter scare only shows the world how ignorant they really are.

I am sick and tired of the so-called elite of Hollywood telling me what is wrong with the world with their "expertise" in all things important. Has Judd spent time in Alaska? Does she live there when she is not making those blockbuster movies of hers? Why doesn't she spend more time lobbying the government for better healthcare for Americans. Forty seven days in a treatment facility for depression should give her some knowledge of that. Ashley, go back to sipping latte's and get those pedicures and leave the protesting to those who have the knowledge and experience.

I am thrilled that Ms. Judd has lent her voice to this barbaric practice. That is what our voice is for, no matter what her vocation. As for the liberals being scared...well...not scared. As for those who are for whining about abortion, you need to raise your voice in a positive manner for them, there are people on this earth for different purpose. Everyone and every life needs a voice. And Ms. Judd has done so much to raise attention to Aids, and others in need of awareness.

Judd attacks Palin's wolf hunting program...................

while she promotes Obama's pre-born baby killing program..........................

Hey Judd, how 'bout saving the babies?



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