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Manny Ramirez rejects $25-million contract offer---who cares?

Ramirez2 News item: Manny Ramirez rejects the Dodgers' $25-million one-year proposal.

Reaction: How do you think this kind of news feels to all those fans -- and I mean virtually all of those fans -- who have lost their jobs or are worried about losing their jobs?

Major league baseball ought to take these dealings out of the public eye or people ought to find something more worthwhile to do with their free time, such as getting outdoors and enjoying cheaper and healthier pastimes like hiking, climbing, fishing, surfing, snowboarding, skiing or bird-watching.

I for one am finding it increasingly difficult to support big-time athletes who earn obscene salaries -- and whine through their agents when they aren't quite obscene enough -- while a growing number of ordinary hard-working Americans are jobless or out on the street.

Sure, baseball is entertainment and top entertainers demand millions. But you don't see -- or at least I don't see -- actors or their agents squabbling over such grossly high contracts in public.

Baseball is notorious for this, and the Manny money headlines are sickening to me during a gloomy economic period during which teachers, nurses, salesmen, truck drivers and people in just about every regular line of work are deeply concerned about how they're going to get by.

I think I'll skip baseball this year and support state parks and their incredible hiking trails instead. Spring training will be spent on my surfboard or alongside a trout stream. Summer weekends will be enjoyed on the beach, not at the ballpark, and the fall classic might be fighting a giant tuna at one of the outer banks.

Now that will be something to cheer about.

--Pete Thomas

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Comments (8)

OK, so is Mammoth going to lower its rates this year because the economy sucks, because otherwise that's several hundred dollars? While I can't say watching Manny playing with the Dodgers on TV for the price of watching a few dumb commercials is quite comparable to a day skiing, I can definitely tell you which is cheaper.

But what you have hit on is EXACTLY why there should be more public financing on public parks and why it should be paid for through increases in income or capital gains taxes from incomes that have become irrationally skewed in relation to their value on the economy.

Pete, I've been reading your outposts every day since they started. I enjoy them quite a bit. This is my first time commenting.

I'm glad that other viewers have already left a comment, because I'm gonna have to disagree with you here. As said by Mike T "Players are paid what the market will bear." Baseball is not struggling. He rejected it because he thinks he can get more. Even if his plan falls through, what's wrong with his approach?

You don't hear about actors salary squabbles because they all have personal publicists who put their spin or wipe out everything that get to the public.

Hey Pete, can you please put up a link for these bargain long range fishing trips? I always though those trips cost a couple thousand dollars per, but apparently I'm wrong. While you're at it, can you also tell me which resorts offer snowboarding for less than it costs to go to a Dodgers game?

Players are paid what the market will bear. Anyone notice how many teams have asked for bailout money or filed for bancrupcy?

Hey Pete I would like to spend the fall fighting a big tuna on the outer banks too, but at 300 dollars a day to ride a multi day boat I will probably just stay home and watch Manny light some pitcher up in the post season on my tv set.

How greed overcomes the human side of all of us.No matter what your social upbringing or enviroment.We were under the impression the Latin Ball players weren't as demanding as their black or white ball players.It seems they have a tendency to forget where they came from and be grateful in having the opportunity to play in this country.Why,don't Ramirez take his little hinny and join the Cuban league,and play for Fidel.

That's what you're upset about?

Manny Ramirez rejects $25 million?
How much does your father make?

- I don't know.
- You don't know.

If your dad needs money, go ask
Manny Ramirez. See what happens.

Manny Ramirez don't care about
you. Why care about him?

Nobody cares.

Great, so when someone takes a nasty tumble out there freestyle climbing; creating a terrible burden for their family and a health insurance nightmare -- when instead they could have been innocuously refreshing MLBTradeRumors.com, we'll be sure to come back here to good ol' Pete Thomas's Op-Ed.

What a waste of a perfectly good Manny Ramirez contract Google search...

As an aside, when will the Angels just sign this guy already!? Juan Rivera is neither good nor "young."


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