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Jeremy Lusk, in remembrance, said to be 'more alive than ever' in heaven

February 16, 2009 |  2:58 pm


That was a touching service in remembrance and honor of Jeremy Lusk, wasn't it?

Lusk died last Tuesday as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash, and was said during Monday's eulogy to have proceeded directly to heaven and is now "more alive than he ever has been."

I don't know about that, but it might be true and believing it's true probably helps ease the pain swelling inside those closest to him.

Lusk was a Christian and, as many have called him, a "bad-ass" star of the dangerous but thrill-filled and close-knit freestyle motocross universe.

Just days before he died, Lusk had the words "In God's Hands" tattooed across his chest.

The Temecula rider was a cherished member of the Metal Mulisha family and a loving husband who leaves behind a lovely wife and many relatives who remain devastated.

Perhaps Monday's highly emotional funeral service helped deliver some measure of closure. But it'll be a long spell before the pain subsides and they -- especially Jeremy's wife and parents -- can get on happily with their lives.

To be sure, Lusk touched the lives of just about everyone he met, and those before whom he performed. That became evident by the outpouring of condolences during the past six days.

He loved life and lived it fully for most of his 24 years, but is now said to be in a better place. I don't know about that either, but it might be true and even the less-religious among Jeremy's family and friends need to believe it's true.

Still, said Metal Mulisha founder and FMX icon Brian Deegan, who was baptized alongside Jeremy in Deegan's swimming pool: "It still hurts to know he's not around to put smiles on our faces. He was more than an fmx superstar. He was a true friend."

--Pete Thomas

Photo courtesy of Metal Mulisha