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Jeremy Lusk still in critical condition as a result of FMX accident in Costa Rica


Action sports fans continue to pull for Jeremy Lusk, who remains comatose after a freestyle motocross accident in Costa Rica that was so painful to watch I refuse to post the video on this blog.

(Anyone who wants to see it knows the process.)

Seriously, all I hope for, as it pertains to Lusk and his family, is a happy ending to this story, which remains possible.

A Monday night update from a spokeswoman for the Metal Mulisha, for whom Lusk rides:

--Jeremy remains in a medically induced coma at Calderon Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

--He's still in very critical condition.

--Doctors have lowered his core body temperature to continue to treat swelling of the brain.

--Thankfully, his brain is functioning.

--Plans remain to transport Jeremy to a U.S. trauma center as soon as possible, perhaps as early as Tuesday morning.

--Jeremy's parents, Chuck and Gina Lusk, are with their son in Costa Rica.

The Metal Mulisha publicist reminds fans that an emergency fund to help defer costs of medical care has already been established and is set up to take donations.

All donations made through this site are earmarked directly for Jeremy's care. Donations are appreciated, but so are good wishes, which can work wonders.

--Pete Thomas

File photo of Jeremy Lusk courtesy of Metal Mulisha

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Comments (33)

Riding is fun and a great way of life. Riding while flipping end over end dozens of feet in the air is simply inviting disaster. Hopefully this will keep some of those kids who think this is all a big game away from this type of "sport".

Jeremy Lusk, he was one amazing person and an incredible rider; I can't believe this had to happen. He was one of my role models. His family && friends will always be in my prayers.
&& For all your stupid talkers;; riding is not a sport, it's a lifestyle. Unless you are a real dirtbiker, you won't understand what it feels like with all the adrenaline going through your body.


Yeah bro. Like riding is life dude. How could you not understand riding with all those tats on showing the world bro. Living in the desert bra, with my stunt course in my backyard doing tricks and breaking all my bones. Awesome life man, dreams, making everyone happy losing braincells. Rockstar/Redbull/Monster make you dream of flying doing 8 flips Bro!!!!!! Frat rocks wooh! IDIOTS!!!

That First comment really upsets me, and obviously this guys doesnt understand what riding is all about. Most people look there whole life to find something that makes them truly happy. Lusk found it early on . And has had alot more years of happyness than most. Im Devistated by his death And i wish the Best to His Family , the Militia, and the future of the sport.

Man he was an awesome person and athlete ,he did things that most of dream about. He's up there rockin the bikes in heaven! He will be missed!

Yea Larz whats your problem man he was a awsome fmx rider and always will be and he did what he loved to do so people please help them out. So man next time you say stuff like that just find out what its all about first. RIP Jeremy you will be MISSED

Hey larz-why dont u shut ur mouth?!? He died and u have to go and be a jerk and talk about givin money to kids. he didnt play with death-he was an awesome athlete-SO SHUT UP!

Donations? How about giving that money to help a child instead of someone who plays with death.



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