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Jeremy Lusk hardly forgotten, still 'on the ride of his life'


In the wake of Jeremy Lusk's tragic death early Tuesday, as a result of a weekend crash during a freestyle motocross competition in Costa Rica, I was asked by a few people if any other top rider had perished at an FMX event.

The answer, which might surprise some, is no, according to memory and experts in a motocross discipline that began to flourish in the late 1990s.

These athletes are meticulous in training and are not reckless, contrary to some comments on a previous blog item.

The grace they exhibit, while performing handstands and seat grabs above and below their flipping bikes while soaring across 100-foot jumps, is a result of countless hours of practice in foam pits and on home courses.

The problem is, execution has to be nearly perfect to avoid serious consequences--and top riders, all of whom have experienced injury and concussion, understand that death is possible. Now a fatality has occurred and the FMX community remains in shock and mourning.

Here's a Metal Mulisha statement making the rounds, and it is inspirational:

We want Jeremy to be remembered as the hardcore warrior that he was. He was never one to back down from any challenge life had to offer him on or off the track.

As a fierce competitor, he rode to the top of the freestyle world embracing the risks of the sport with hardcore passion. As a Christian, Jeremy had faith that no matter what, he would always be on the ride of his life.

To Jeremy, there was never a question of there being any consequences, especially doing something he loved. His drive, love, passion and commitment drove him to become the 'baddest-ass' rider of his time.

'He and his wife Lauren will always be part of the Mulisha family, and his memory will continue to push our group of friends to the outer limits of life.'

Lastly, funeral arrangements for Lusk have been announced: 1 p.m. Monday, Feb. 16, at Revival Christian Fellowship Church,  29220 Scott Road, Menifee, Calif. All are welcome.

—Pete Thomas

Photo: Jeremy Lusk

Credit: Metal Mulisha

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Comments (53)

jeremy was a sick rider, wonder if he landed the black flip indian air when he got to heaven, best of luck in the heaven fmx circut Jeremy.

all i have to say is that i will miss jeremy lusk. he is my hero of fmx and i am sad that my hero is gone but not my love and prayers for him and i am sorry for lauren lusk and the rest of his family for his and her loss and i wish the best for the metal mulisha, jeremys family, and all other fmx riders out there....



I can't believe that Jeremey died, i've been a huge fan of the metal mulisha since i was about 13 i'm 23 now and that love is as strong as it ever was.The things that these amazing guys do on a motor bike every week is insane and the fact they do it simply because they love it and the fact that they CAN do it just shows how far the world of moto-x has come. Jeremy will be greatly missed by his family, his friends, the countless fans and all the gromets yet to be born who will no doubt ride and see videos of this amazing athlete and human being!! R.I.P Jeremy and enjoy the insane dirt kickers god has no doubt built for you!!!
You will not be forgotten.

Sorry for all that loved and cherished this man. I know I sure did and that I am really sorry. I am so really sorry for everyone that had to watch this trajic event. Most of us have great memories of this rider. Climbing his way up the ladder to fame and fortune. Sorry for the wife and kids that had to witness this awful event. I give the greatest love and condoleances to this great rider. He is loved greatly and never wil be forgotten.
RIP. Jeremy Lusk.

The whole world is saddened by the loss of such a young talented rider. The FMX will definitely never be the same without your presence. May God bless your family and close friends for their incredible loss. ..... I know that Jeremy is in a much better place where there are NO LIMITS.......We will be with you some day again Jeremy. ...... until then, we will have YOU to thank for our inspiration to really LIVE!!!!
Your fans, Landra and Carson

To Jeremy's family: Thank you for supporting this wonderful young man in pursuit of his dreams and allowing the world to witness his unique skills. He will always remain in the elite few at the very top of the Pioneers of Freestyle. An amazingly talented and gifted rider. He has left a legacy all his own. His performances are truly legendary.

Although there are no words I can offer to comfort you in this unimaginable time, rest assured that there are 1,000's of people who share your grief and whose thoughts and prayers are with you. We are all shocked and saddened at his passing.

May God bless Jeremy and ALL his family and be with them in this time of ultimate sorrow.

God speed Jeremy Lusk.

I feel bad for Jeremy and his family. I don't understand why God killed him that day.

you will be greatly missed Jeremy! and God Bless your family!

To Jeremy's family my thought's and prayers go out to you. My cousin Charlotte and I were good friends with your Aunt Glenda & your Dad Chuck (we went to high school together). may your family find peace inknowing that you are up there with God showing him how to ride.

Jeremy the FMX world will never be the same with out you and knowing that you were a Christian made me very happy to know that you are in a better place. Will miss u man and hope u know that u have inspired me even more to become like u. R.I.P. (Ride In Peace) God bless

Jeremy was a true Cowboy! May he always ride his steal horse into the sunset. RIP Jeremy, my heart goes out to your family and friends.

wow ! i dont know what else to say . i'm in shock

R.I.P man im going to miss you bro to those that didnt get a chance to know him he was one of a kind thats for sure. i love you lusk family

I have watched all of you grow up. You have all found your place and you ride with the reckless abandon and the controlled agression that is neccesary to be a to rider. Jeremy personofied what it was to be a rider but also a person, a husband and father. Metal Mulisha and all the other riders will mourn his loss, but never forget to celebrate his life, that is what he would want. I know his family hurts, but know your son, husband, father, friend was special. May god keep you safe and let you enjoy what you do. Ride on and ride strong.

He was an amazing rider and I know he is God's arms, in this moment God provides you of strong and peace because He has a perfect plan for every person and especially with Lusk family.
My sincerest condolences to the Lusk Family and Friends.
God Bless you

The jet ski racing community sends its prayers to all
Blake Corning Competition Manager IJSBA

To the Lusk family and especially his gorgeous Lauren! May Jeremy rest in peace, my prayers and thoughts go out to you all!
I just viewed your Wedding through NR3Productions, gorgeous and lots of love there. John and Norma always capture the love! Lauren I know you will hold Jeremy's memories close, always! Take care and GOD BLESS you all!

May you find peace sooner than later.

He was an awesome competitor and he lived life to the fullest. He went out doing what he loved. My sincerest condolences to the Lusk Family and Friends.

Such a great loss, Jeremy Lusk was a hero to FMX riders every where, My Heart goes out to your friends and family during they're time of loss. Jeremy was a great inspiration to everyone with a passion for FMX. Ride on Jeremy Lusk You will never be forgotten!!

As a fellow rider among other things i say fair thee well Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll see you on the other side bro waiting for that last beautiful ride home R.I.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Jeremy. I still cannot believe that you have been taken from us so soon. My condolences go to Lauren, his family, loved ones and fans. We will never forget you and the great accomplishments you made in your short career.

Hey bro,

The man upstairs got your back. You know your friends are taking care of your family in the loss. You're in a better place right now. We'll miss you.


I have know Lauren and her family for the last 14 years. My heart breaks for their loss. Lauren could not have been more in love. Lauren know that you and Jeremy our in my thoughts now and always.

To Chuck (Jeremy's dad) and his wife,and the family

I was in shock when I heard. My prayers are going out to you. I can't even begin to imagine the pain you are feeling, but I know you were the best dad Jeremy could have ever had and that you have no regrets about not being there for him and supporting him and what he loved. His spirit will live on through all the people he touched. My deepest condolences to you and yours.




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