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Jeremy Lusk fund is accepting donations to help pay for injured FMX star's care


The action sports world remains stunned but in support of freestyle motocross star Jeremy Lusk, who remains hospitalized and in critical condition after suffering a horrific weekend crash during a competition in Costa Rica.

An emergency fund to help pay for medical care has been established and is accepting donations. Those able to help can visit the Athlete Recovery Fund website and click on the donation button.

All donations made via this website are earmarked specifically for Lusk's care. As soon as Lusk's condition stabilizes he will be transported to a U.S.-based head trauma center.

Lusk, of Temecula, is a beloved action sports figure and member of the Metal Mulisha team of riders. The latest report posted on the MM website: "Jeremy’s condition is critical and the latest we've heard is that he's out of surgery and they're waiting for the swelling to go down on his brain."

Fans might also wish to visit the Pray for Jeremy Lusk blog for updates.

---Pete Thomas

Photo courtesy of Metal Mulisha

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Comments (24)

Havent you people ever heard that it is ill advised to speak unkindly of the deceased? Whatever you think of the sport, a man died. And he had friends and family. May he rest in peace.

I can't believe how many sick people are out there that would wish this on anyone, what gives you the right to criticize someone for being themselves and doing something they love. Just because you hate your own pathetic lives, doesnt mean you should go around bagging on what other great people have done. You will always be living in the shadows of those great people and when your gone youll be forgotten unlike them. By you sick people writing these horrid comments only shows how pathelic your lives really are, you have nothing to do but bitch about other people. My guess is that you have no real friends and will go through life loathing yourself for being someone who noone truely cares about. You should take a close look in the mirror and read what you wrote, how you wished death on someone for enjoying and living there lives to the fullest. Take a close look at how sick and pathetic excuss of a human being you really are. How would you feel if someone wished death on you or maybe a close family member just for doing something they love.

My prayers go out the the Jeremy and the Lusk family

i'm amazed at the verosity of some of these comments. these are the same people that would have paraded around gloating if they would have met somone like jeremy. this saddens me as much or more as reading about what happened in the first place. it is so good to know that jeremy is born again. he was prepared to leave this place and God has prepared his family to cope through other believers. if you don't have anything good to say then don't say it. a real man would examine his ownself when confronted with these things and really seek to know the truth. only cynical fools write the kind of garbage above. i pray for all of jeremy's friends an family and if any of you don't know Jesus, that you will let your pride down and find Him in all of this. this is what the guy would want more than anything. i am sorry for the loss of your friend, son, and most of all husband.


What an true idiot!......
Mountain Dew Broooo!!!!.......i cant belive this idiot would putt his family trough this for a rush....he should go to magic mountain for a rush...or worlk and the shoe store so he can be around for his family.........those who say" he is living life and he is doing what he wants"...well he is doing not much of living is he?????

lets do a no handed back flip on a motorbille 40 feet in the air while doing 55mpg .......what the heck u think will happen if you dont make it????this is the same thing as Russian Roulette......he got what he wanted....u land 100000 time but al it takes is one good fall and we are with one less idiot on this planet to push other kids into stupid stuff liek this

Its sad to see that its when bad things happen is when people who are that selfish come out!! come on people wether its 5 bucks or 500 stop being so hungry for money. Try to Care about the others in your life than all yourselfl look i am no one important no pro rider. i didnt even know Him. but I ride motorcycles and i love it like he did so Poeple GROWW up and Stop Being So Damn Selfish

you know, i was thinking and feeling the same as some of you with these cold, hard comments...until.....I was reading the blogs and came across this....


(see post #193 - it's a photo) and, well, I just lost it. His human - and animal loved ones won't get to hold him - or be held by him ever again. So sad.

Rest in peace Jeremy - you will be SO missed.

Well for those of you who think Jeremy wasn't worthy of financial help or prayer, I hope you will feel the weight of your shame for your indecent judgemental thoughts as he has passed. Let's hope his family and friends don't have the misfortune of reading some of your comments. Dispicable.

No matter the circumstances, let's wish Jeremy and his family the best, and hopefully he might be able to make it and come through this though experience, ...but we also have to hope for the best for all people in general, even when they don't crash during a "x-games" event type of show, there is enough trouble in the world as it is, and things like these don|t have to happen for us to maybe see other things from a different point of view.

I wish Lusk the best, but I'll give my money to a needy child instead of someone who plays with death.

wow seriously some of you guys need to go jump off a cliff how can you seriously sit there and say someone deserves to go through this kinda thing your a complete moron and should keep your uneducated foolish comments to yourself! Lusk you are in my prayers! I just so happen to be close friends with one of your close friends i know hes taking it hard i wish you a speedy recovery! i know youll pull through! you dont have it in you to give up! keep fighting each day will get easier and youll be back on your bike before you know it!

Why do these guys do this stuff? Why when they could be one of the awesome overweight football players and bang helmets all day?

i got a fallen homie here and all you guys can do is criticize...BEST WISHZ FROM EVERYONE HERE IN TEMECULA...we hope u get well soon jeremy..im praying for u man..

i guess by some peoples logic, the people who died in hurricane katrina got what they ask for since they live on the gulf ten feet below it.

I guess Jeremy tried too hard to get attention. This "Sport" is crazy. What does anyone expect??? Oh and driving a car is a calculated risk with seatbelts and rules. To compare this is just stupid red neck logic!
I feel for him...but he and his wife rake in the $$ knowing he may be splattered into the dirt someday to the cheers of the fans!

Maybe band-aid will sponsor him now?!

I was in Saprissa stadium Saturday night sitting 10 feet from the landing in Costa Rica. I have many pics but decided not to post them. I feel for the guy..regardless the risk or not. He will make it....

Wow i never knew people in this world could be so heartless. Any professional athelete has the risk of injury and knows it. But just because they know this doesnt mean when they have a horrific accident that you could turn around and say i told you so. You drive a car everyday knowing the risks just the same so does that mean when you get in an accident i can drive by and laugh and say "Oh.. they knew the risk of driving oh well stupid idiot". A fund is something any athelete gets when they are injured even if they have insurance. The fund is for family support because its like workmans comp for athletes he has a wife and a house and bills to take care of. Because opening your mouth without knowing the facts just makes you look ignnorant. I hope Jeremy gets a speedy recovery and his family is supported and safe knowing he is okay and in good care. My prayers are here for him his family and friends that know hes a strong guy and will bounce back.

Where is the Metal Mulisha on this one, they make millions, so does Lusk? Its not like he was one of the no name guys on the botton. Anyhow, he should have had insurance, it would be expensive for him, but with his line of work its needed.

Thats messed up to say he got what was coming. Yeah he is trying crazy stuff but you get into a car everyday and thats taking a risk there too. So if you got into a car crash you would expect people to just think you deserved it because you took the risk?

ok you people talking trash, I hope you all get caught up in a car accident right now! If you knew anything about proffessional motocross (especially freestyle), you would know that no insurance company will insure these athletes due to them being too big of a risk.
and so what if they ask for help, if you dont want to help, than simply dont help. But their are plenty of people that would love to help. All of us that are real dirtbike riders, look at eachother as "our people", and we take care of "our people".

This is really sad... anyone who watches this stuff or reads about it eggs it on, including you, Charles. The viewers fuel this and that is why the riders go bigger... How big do you think they would go if no one was watching? Yeah, the insurance stuff doesn't make sense, but maybe they won't insure this type of sport.. and what about his sponsors? What is their contribution?
I just hope the best for Jeremy and his family... No one deserves this.

I agree...he knew the risks. And yeah why the immediate call for money? Where are the sponsors now? Where is the company now? Why should the fans put up the money??Take a lesson from this all you fans and amateur motocross wannabe's!

Dont they all have an international insurance that covers all theyr accidents like this one? why do they need a fund for donations?

dude ur an idiot to not care. yea he is doing what he loves to do and its a win big or lose big but if u dont support this cause dont leave comments like read it and move along dont try to change other peoples minds

Jeremy got exactly what he asked for!!!

Do not feel sorry for him...he knew the risks and took it like a man. Win big...lose big. Actually he has put his family and friends through this hell...I hope he doesn't have kids yet!
And now already the vultures are asking for money!!?? uh..that's what insurance is for...doesn't his agent have insurance??
He rolled the dice and lost...move on.


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