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Jeremy Lusk funeral forecast calls for rain, lots of tears and a fond remembrance

Jeremy Lusk flips his motorcycle during a competition last Saturday in San Jose, Costa Rica. The popular rider from Temecula died Tuesday of injuries suffered in a crash during the competition.

The forecast calls for rain Monday, but that's not likely to prevent fans of Jeremy Lusk from attending the freestyle motocross star's funeral.

If reaction to Lusk's death days after a horrific accident last Saturday is any indication, hundreds, perhaps thousands will be on hand for the 1 p.m. service at the Revival Christian Fellowship Church at 29220 Scott Rd. in Menifee, Calif.

"WE WOULDN’T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD. WE WOULD EVEN HITCH HIKE IF WE HAD TOO," reads one of hundreds of comments Metal Mulisha website.

Another reads, "I wish all the boys will fire up their bikes for you one last time and lead you to your final resting place."

This website had more than 200 comments related to the Lusk tragedy, and Lusk items had more than 150,000 viewers from all over the world. An overwhelming majority expressed sympathy, shock and  good  wishes to Lusk's wife, Lauren, his family, and the Metal Mulisha group.

There were some few people devoid of passion, who essentially implied that anyone who takes that much risk deserves to die. I couldn't disagree more, and though I'm no daredevil athlete, I do take risks and admire people who push themselves and advance their sports for themselves, but also for fans.


This applies to everything from motorcycle riding to big-wave surfing; there are inner thrills and a level of satisfaction involved that only the athletes can understand. And there are very few fatalities in any so-called action sport.

I'm glad that Lusk won the gold medal at last summer's X Games. That was a pinnacle moment and he beamed afterward. I wonder if he'll be taking the medal into the afterlife, or if Lauren will choose to keep it as a memento.

I wonder if it's actually going to rain Monday afternoon.

-- Pete Thomas 

Photo: Jeremy Lusk flips his motorcycle during a competition last Saturday in San Jose, Costa Rica. The popular rider from Temecula died Tuesday of injuries suffered in a crash during the competition. Credit: Albert Marin / La Nacion. Inset: Jeremy Lusk. Credit: Metal Mulisha

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Comments (21)

im not sure if im somehow related to jeremy but he made having the last name lusk make me feel famous. he was a rad person and rider. my bro (andrew lusk) and sis (jordan lusk) all remember him by rockin his tee shirt. hell never be dead in my eyes. LUSK FOREVER!

I live in Temecula and this is very tragic for our community. I feel for his wife and family. How devastating this is

Lusk buddy RIP my thought's are with your wife and family and all the mulisha boys Keep your heads up boys and ride hard for jeremy

This kid was pro-to bad ass I have nothing but respect for him .I am exteremly saddened by what happened I know he went doing what he loved .My heart aches for his wife,family and freinds.I am so sorry for your loss . We will keep him in our hearts.

you always will be remembered as one of the greatest metal mulisha members.god bless you and all your family. RIDE IN PEACE Jeremy Lusk from all the mexican fans and riders from chico CA

i am so sorry what happend to Jeremy.He was my biggest hero.I cant imagine what kind of you are in.I bet if that didnt happen you and him would still be a happy family.

The best way I can honor your memory is to live my life to the fullest because it can all be gone in the blink of an eye.rest in peace.

We too will start our bikes @ 1pm to honor Jeremy tomorrow!!!

We as family have not been able to get this tragedy off our minds!Jermey truly was a HERO!God Bless You ,Your Family and Friends!!!XOXOXO!!!

I lost my Racer awile back..it makes my Heart Happy to know he is riding in heaven with one of his Hero's .. Jumping clouds.. Riding forever..

My Dear Lauren,

God bless you and your family in your time of need. I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for strength for you and your family to see you through this trying time. Jeremy will be missed by so many fans; he was a great athlete and rider. I lost my husband a year ago so if you ever need to reach out to some one or to talk to someone that understands what your going through you can contact me anytime. I wish you and your family the best.

i predict he will be the first in a string of deaths.i think the people are sick and keep pushing the spectacle(this is no sport until more die without need.these adrenaline junkies have no one to blame but themeselves but hey we got to see him die rifgt.even evil knieval didnt kill himself in front of a crowd and he rode a harley.its sad a young man died and countless other are injured for life.didnt lawn darts and three wheel atc get banned for a lot less.just remmember you the paying public made this possible i hope we are all happy.

You will be missed R.I.P. bro from all us riders in New Mexico

i will rev up my bike at 1pm to honor a true champ r.i.p. jeremy lusk 1984-2009

You were the best. You died doing what you love. My son John thinks you were the best there was. GOD bless you and your family. R. I. P. Jeremy

Jeremy Lusk was not only a world-class athlete, but he was also a gentle spirit who astounded his fans with his amazing talent as a free-stlye motocrosser. Words can't express how broken hearted I feel about his death. My prayers go out to his wife,Lauren, his parents, and to his moto-family. The industry needs to take some action to protect the riders! Hopefully something good will come out of this tragedy,like having track standards in place with all the promoters, and appropriately trained medical teams on staff at all events-especially outside the USA. I'll never forget Jeremy Lusk.

While this is certainly a tragic incident, does anyone else feel that the headline is incredibly corny/tacky? Just feels a little too melodramatic and forced.

Nonetheless, RIP to Lusk.

I read that now they have to limit it to family and friends with a invite!!!!!! I understand that they have to do this so i will have his family in my thoughts!!!

Jeremy was a good guy he was my hero and everything i ride for i never got into freestyle but i race motocross and its amazing the people that are in it if someone goes down everyone is there to help and everything..... i still cant believe this day has came and its overwhelming... RIP Jeremy you are missed by many .... gone but not forgotten 1984-2009 .... he is doing backflips into heaven now

I didn't even know Jeremy but can't believe how many times I've thought of his death and get teary eyed. I looked through his videos and you could see he seemed like a very humble and sweet person. The good die young and we definitely lost a super star! R.I.P. Jeremy.


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