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EBay urged to halt guided trophy hunt auctions

A grizzly bear passing through a meadow.

*Updated with an official response statement from an eBay spokesperson

Some North American wildlife advocacy groups are urging eBay to ban the posting of certain guided trophy hunts currently available on the online auction site. Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Raincoast Conservation and Big Wildlife sent correspondence to eBay CEO John Donahoe requesting that posting of hunting auctions for such big predators as bears, wolves and mountain lions no longer be allowed. 

"Few eBay users are aware the company also auctions off the lives of some of our planet's most magnificent animals," said Big Wildlife communications director Brian Vincent. "eBay has become an online marketplace peddling the slaughter of wolves, bears and cougars."

A search on eBay this morning came up with opportunities to "Buy Now" or bid on guided hunts of grizzly, black and brown bears, mountain lions and wolves as well as numerous species of hooved mammals and birds. Interestingly, the site does not allow for the sale of products such as teeth, claws and rugs from certain animals, including those of bear and mountain lion.

“Have the lives of Canada’s grizzly bears, wolves and other large carnivores become so cheapened by the purveyors of trophy hunting that selling an opportunity to kill one is now as commonplace as trying to unload a kitchen appliance or baseball cards on EBay?” said Chris Genovali, executive director of Raincoast Conservation.

eBay has altered listings policies in the past. Last year, the company announced a global ban on the sale of ivory products on their site after an International Fund for Animal Welfare report revealed that these auctions were encouraging the poaching of ivory-bearing animals.

Following is a response statement received this afternoon from an eBay spokesperson:

We look forward to reviewing the communication sent to us by Big Wildlife, Raincoast Conservation, and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance in regards to the sale of guided trophy hunts, and are in the process of opening a dialogue with them to understand their most recent concerns.

eBay strictly forbids the sale of any illegal items or services on all of its platforms and there are specific policies in place that enforce this.

eBay is a unique global online marketplace and our international team of legal and policy experts constantly review, refresh and streamline our policies closely collaborating with international and domestic law enforcement authorities, regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations and our community of buyers and sellers.

We are always open to working with NGOs with expertise in these areas and have done so in the past to fine tune our policies regarding issues such as the sale of ivory and the sale of “canned hunts,” or those that guarantee the killing of a specific animal.

eBay.com’s full Animal and Wildlife Policy is available here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/wildlife.html, and the recent policy clarification regarding the sale of “canned hunts” is available here: http://www2.ebay.com/aw/core/200610241757352.html.

--Kelly Burgess

Photo: A grizzly bear passing through a meadow. Credit: Jim Peaco/Associated Press

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Comments (5)

Damaging the Environment is Donahoe's Forte.
Donaohoe, the Simpleton, has not caught on to Reinstating Money Orders and Checks.
This guy Must ALWAYS be told what to do.
Who helped him pass his exams ?
We know now he Couldn't POSSIBLY have done it alone without TONS of help.
What a LOSER.
Such a Disgrace to the LDS.
They should bannish him from the clan.

Hunting animals for trophy is not illegal in most parts of the world. Licenses are required and most of the proceeds go directly into local economies that benefit greatly. Wildlife and land management professionals often recommend the "culling" of certain species of animals through sport hunting in order to keep the herds and ecosystems healthy.

Most hunters are environmentalists. To demonize hunters as "evil" does not foster a healthy dialog when we all want to preserve what nature has provided. Hunting for sport is part of our past and should be part of our future. Inflammatory insults will not move a discussion forward in a way that would benefit the environment or the animals (including humans) that partake of it.

Perhaps these avid sports-folks should reread (more than likely take a first look) at Richard Connell's short story, The Most Dangerous Game, or a recent reworking of sorts, SHADOWS OF DEATH. a novel set in the Owens Valley, where the rich shoot tranquilized and tethered animals--just like in real life. However, their sport is interrupted by a different kind of hunter, a hunter of hunters. Now there is something we could get behind, the hunter being the hunted, skill against skill, the most dangerous species hunting the most dangerous game.

You miserable, miserable human excrement! I have no doubt now that we as a species are going to hell and taking the planet with us. What is wrong with you that you lack apparently a moral compass that would stop you from selling these creature's pain and death? You had better hope there's nothing to reincarnation because if there is then maybe the pain and terror that you have chosen to open the door to inflict will be revisited on you. Wouldn't that just be too bad!

As an Alaskan I find this disgusting. What is even more outrageous is that some of these hunters will later sell the trophy on eBay to pay for their trip, then it's off to Alaska to kill some more. I've complained to Alaska legislators about hunters selling the trophies on eBay only days after they get back. That's not sport hunting.


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