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Mount Redoubt volcano in Alaska expected to erupt 'within days'

Mount Redoubt sends an orange cloud of smoke and volcanic dust skyward in December 1990

Alaskans are not running in mad panic for cover, but many are concerned about the imminent eruption of Mount Redoubt southwest of Anchorage.

Fox News is reporting: "Mount Redoubt continues to rumble and simmer, prompting geologists to say this Alaska volcano could erupt "within days."

The Anchorage Daily News cautions: "Mount Redoubt is still rumbling and simmering, prompting geologists to repeat their warning that an eruption may be imminent."

It would not be a pleasant period in Anchorage if Redoubt were to blow its top, if its previous eruption is any indication.

For five months beginning in December 1989, smoke and ash from the 10,197-foot peak disrupted international air traffic and deposited volcanic dust throughout the Anchorage region.

That eruption also delivered mud flows from Redoubt into the Drift River drainage.


According to the U.S. Geological Survey, volcanic ash features small, jagged pieces of rock and glass.

The American Red Cross of Alaska has advised families throughout Alaska to develop disaster plans and put together disaster supply kits.

To be sure, they'll be advised  to limit strenuous outdoors activity. Stay tuned.

-- Pete Thomas

Top photo: Mount Redoubt sends an orange cloud of smoke and volcanic dust skyward in December 1990. Credit: J. Warren/Alaska Volcano Observatory

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Comments (88)

wow, this was posted in JANUARY 2009. did it already erupt?? because now it's SEPTEMBER 2009.. but it could still blow its top, right??? :( i hope you Alaskans stay fine!!!!

Im in anchorage and ash has recently fallen. no panic but masks and water are selling. we are all preparing for another blow from redoubt. redoubt is a very dang. type of volcano, its lava/magma forms a cap and either the pressure breaks the "lid" or the contents go bezzzzerk. we'll keep safe

Chelsea: It's definitely active but the color code today was reduced from orange to yellow, meaning an eruption soon is not very likely.

im at school right now searching this volcano. this is an intense picture! but i cant find the information i need. is this an active or dormant vocano? helpp me!

Do not worry missz.tinkerbell, for that my father shall never bring harm to people of this earth. Anyone in AK is safe under the watchful eye of the father him self.

God bess thou souls...

wat up!!!!!!! the picture looks cool but i feel for the people in alaska.yall better watch out before it erupts u better get out of there. i would be terrified. holla back


Please read the message you posted. Are we in California IDEOTS? YES.. you spelled it IDEOTS. You OBVIOUSLY love to read up on our WORTHLESS California if you're on the L.A. Times website. Don't be a hater because you can't be in the best state in the nation. All you "IDEOTS" should shut the hell up and get an EDUCATION. Try it, you might enjoy it. That way you won't be such an "IDEOT"


Posted by: LUCAS HANSON | January 29, 2009 at 03:57 PM

Soooo.... Do you, guys, really think, that this volcano thing is Sara's fault? Do you think that it is because of her? I don't like Sara myself, but I am far from wishing her any harm... See... You, the person that wished her death... It looks like you belong somewhere in the cave, with talibans... You have precisely the same mentality... And why should politics permeate even such seemingly apolitical thing as volcano discussion? Truly amazing and sad...

My son and his wife live in the Kenai area and she is about 4 months pregnant and has lived there pretty much most her life where on the other hand my son has been there about a year and a half and has spent 99% of his life in Arkansas. The worst we have is tornadoes and an occassional earthquake around the Jonesboro area. He is excited cause he may get the chance to see a real volcano in action, me I worried somewhat cause I know he is crazy enough to try to get closer. I am talking about a boy that chased snakes and grab them by the tails, fear no evil. I am hoping he has developed a little common sense and that his wife puts a leash on him to jerk his butt back down to reality. All I want for them both is to be SAFE not stupid.

I can't say I have any experience with volcanoes other than remembering Mt. St. Helens, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you folks up in Alaska. Wish I could at least see it somehow in person when it does blow, that's going to be unforgettable.
As far as the comments on Palin, I have to say in my own humble out of state opinion, she seems to be a good fit for Alaska. Lord knows she's got her work cut out for herself after the eruption.

Anyways, take it easy up there people!

Well, no one is immune to political opportunity knocking when you consider that Gov Palin is back in Alaska and there's a possible eruption, I man, come one, can't you see how people want to take advantage of an opportune moment to rehash Palin's character and defeat in November. I didn't like her but she must have something going or she wouldn't be the Gov, right? She came across to thinking people as a dunce with a pretty face and it was really obvious McCain used her to "gain momentum" in his dying campaign. It's over. We have Limbaugh already denouncing Obama's promises and he's been in what, a couple of weeks, we have his nastiness assailing Obama after EIGHT HORRIBLE years under Bush who nearly caused the RUINATION of our country. But hey, Limbaugh continues his hateful attacks on a new president and you all seem comfortable with that. Yet you will go beserk over Palin who basically is out of the lime light. And there's nothing ON HER shoulders. That Bush dumped on Obama. I say pray for Anchorage and the villages near the eruption. AND pray for our nation. What a mess to CLEAN UP, right. Either way.

I am continuously amazed at the stupidity of people and what jerks they are. Sarah Palin didn't say she could see Russia from her house, Tina Fey did. To wish that she would die in a volcanic eruption just because her politics differ from yours is ridiculous. Should conservatives for wish Californina suffer a massive earthquake, killing all mouthy liberals in your state?

Hey Maggie, Alaska isn't that scary. Seriously. And from the comments that Palin supporters and those who hate her with a passion, I can see that you aren't right with the lord or aren't comfortable with your own life. We are talking about a mountain...a volcano....a vent from the earth. I'm sorry, is Sarah Palin also know as Mt. Redoubt? If not, just talk about the mountain.

I love home something totally not about politics went to politics, oh and it's spelled "I-D-I-O-T-S" Lucas.

The mountains WILL go. it's a question of when and how big. It won't be a Mt. St. Helens. I can tell you that. I tell you what, I'll start worrying if any of the mountains near me start a rumbling. (ie: Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. St. Helens)

I think those in anchorage will be okay. But hey, be prepared just in case.

Sadie or Ted,
Did you just threaten a Government official? The last person who did that is in a federal prison. What did Sarah ever do to you that you hope she dies? Get a life and crawl back in your hole. Sarah never asked for any money for the bridgs, it was all paid for by the bonds alaska sold.
More than I can say about those Wall Street Children who made money and asked for a Bailout. Your lower 48 people have a lot of nerve. Wake up and smell the crap you are spreadin. Your not a savior or a saint and leave our Govenor alone, your men were all gah gah when she was a possible Vice President. Calling Her the hot govenor from Alaska, What's the matter your wife leave you because you acted like some wolf looking for little red riding hood.

You forget, her husband? Who would rake you over the Alaskan Range and drop you like a pebble from Denali.

You Outsiders stay in the Lower 48, you are not welcome here. We do better without you and always have.

Mad as heck...

Wow - the venom against Palin is unbelievable.....and what exactly did she do that causes people to wish harm upon her? They say conservatives are the party of hate, but you show your own hate loud and clear. Although I can say I hate Obama's guts, I would never wish personal harm on him or his family.

How stupid are the people from the lower 48? They are still Sarah bashing about quotes that Tina Fey made on SNL and not ACTUAL things Sarah said. You people need to get a life!

The lower 48 has always been so jealous of we Alaskans and prove it by spewed hate garbage out of their stupid mouths.

We will be fine, Alaskans survive our Great Land everyday by being educated in ways you idiots could never understand. You could NEVER survive here.

You are SO SAD! That is why we live as far away from you as we can.

The only thing I am made at Sarah about is that we liked flying under your radar all these years and now we have to shake you turds off.

The trashing of Palin continues even after the "anointed one" has taken office. The liberal left should take a good look in the mirror and see the intolerance, hypocrisy and hatred that will swing the pendulum back someday. If challenging the "messiah" in an election has generated this much animosity toward Palin and Alaska, then perhaps the lefty whackos should take the next step, and boycott the state. I'll take a foot of ash over a tour bus filled with cameras and Californians anyday.

Have to say that I'm glad for all the well wishes for us Alaskans-and disgusted with those of you who would politicize a natural disaster. Forget Palin for the time being.

I just want to say this is a volcano why are people talking about politics, why would you wish death on someone SADIE YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON!! This is about the alaskan people staying safe not an election which is over, get over it.


I totally agree on the dragging in palin with the volcano. it seems that for some people, if they saw a piece of gum on the sidewalk, they would somehow, unbelievably, be able to tie that piece of gum with palin. this is probably exactly why palin DIDN'T make it in office - because of these kind of people - and it seems that there are enough of these kind of people in the united states to make this type of thing happen. to make it worse, this is probably why the united states is for sure headed for judgment - because people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe, because they cop their own selfish attitudes which is really nothing more than personal selfishness with a hidden agenda and motives. this is exactly why the united states is ultimately headed for judgment - probably war in the states. i think that, unfortunately, the states has gone downhill on the maturity level, with newer and newer generations not growing up. ameircan is now so full of ADULT CHILDREN, whereas years ago, it used to not be that way. something is terribly wrong - something has happened to the family. there is no maturity anymore.

plesae get off the soap box about palin's clothes. you're probably so jealous because you don't have them.

You are a poor excuse for a human being. You need to go to a psychiatrist and figure out why you are so screwed up.

ok people this is really sad...i live in kenai alaska about 45 miles from redoubt, it is safe to say that mankind sucks..we are up here preparing for a erruption and alot you can still only dis palin.. take a moment and search your heart..worry about what will happen here in alaska not about what our palin is wearing,
i am saddened that there is so much anger out there, i feel safer here with a erruption pending...if at all POSSIBLE say a prayer for the people up here but remember we are tougher than the norm we will be fine..

I am amazed at some of the comments that appear to come from both Alaskans and non-Alaskans about Gov. Palin. Why on earth does this volcano cause some of you to spew such hatred? Do you have nothing better to do than trash talk Gov. Palin, not to mention her daughter's fiancee and Gov. Palin's wardrobe?

If this is what you carry around in your heart,you have serious issues. Get a life, get a job, get some enjoyment, wow!

Anyway stay safe to my cousins in Anchorage, Susan, Charles and Donald!!

Miss you!



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