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Mavericks Surf Contest: No green light for Saturday, after all


Sorry for Wednesday's false alarm, but the swell forecast looked better then than it does now for a possible Saturday running of the annual Mavericks Surf Contest.

I was just told by defending champion Greg Long that the red light remains on because of "poor swell timing and insufficient size" at the notorious big-wave destination off Pillar Point near Half Moon Bay.

Contest officials, wanting to wait until wave faces reach 30 feet or more, confirmed that the event will not be held this weekend. The competition window will remain open through March 31.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: Pete Thomas / Los Angeles Times

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Comments (3)

Do some of the same awesome athletes at Mavericks compete at Nelscott Reef
too or are they strictly paddling ? Nelscott is out to far isn't it for paddling ?
Good luck this season as you live my dream this broken body can't live out.

Hmm...I'd better check out the forecast tools. The models I saw were predicting what should be big enough to crank it up at Mav's. Oh well, maybe I'll head South to pick up some fun stuff down there. Keep up the good work, Pete.

"not not be held this weekend"
Does that mean it will be held?


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