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Fishing on radio to get new voice in 976-Tuna's Philip Friedman

Philip Friedman displays a calico bass caught at Santa CataLina Island.

Philip Friedman, the founder and "voice" of 976-Tuna, will debut as a radio show host on Saturday with a format he describes as laid-back, informative and interactive.

"Sportfishing Saturdays with Philip Friedman" will air weekly from 6-7 a.m. on KLAC 570, and include live on-the-spot updates from captains, listener call-ins and giveaways.

Friedman's show joins at least four others in Southern California, and his entry into a landscape where competition for listeners and sponsors is fierce generated significant concern among at least one other host.

Friedman, a prominent figure in the saltwater fishing community, said son Patrick, 14, will run the sound board, and his other son, Philip  Jr., 17, will be a regular on the show. Also appearing regularly will be former Lakers player and current assistant coach Brian Shaw, who is a close friend and avid angler.

This Saturday will feature, among other topics, a segment on the precarious situation in Rosarito Beach, which is reeling amid the narco war that rages throughout northern Baja California.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: Philip Friedman displays a calico bass caught at Santa CataLina Island. Credit: 976-Tuna

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