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Striped bass, striper anglers in a frenzy at Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet

Matt Dalton at Diamond Valley Lake

Striped bass have been gorging on newly planted trout at Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet. Anglers, in turn, have been casting anything resembling a trout toward the stripers and hooking fish to about 20 pounds.

Matt Dalton (pictured above) caught a 13-pounder at the east dam on an AC minnow.

Diamond Valley Lake marina manager Dave Neitzke (pictured below) caught stripers at 14.74, 15.22, 9.69 and 9.45 pounds. He was trolling a Z-plug at 35 feet along the east dam.

John Coburn caught stripers at 20.33 and 14.44 pounds while fishing with Z plugs, and dozens were weighed between 10 and 20 pounds.

Expect the bite to continue a few days after the storms clear out, and especially after the next trout plant.

-- Pete Thomas

Dave Neitzke at Diamond Valley Lake

Photos courtesy of Diamond Valley Lake marina

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Today is Dec 16 2008, and this is your lead story?
It rained yesterday the roads were flooded there were many accidents and many people drove cars with their brakes failing
Can't you do a better job then showing dead fish?


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