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Great white shark fishing from the beach? Only in Australia


Fishermen: If you've ever considered trying to land a great white shark from the beach, book a trip to Boat Harbour in western Australia and watch the video attached below to see how the locals do it.

The video appears to be genuine, and it's well-edited. The poor shark is definitely real, and it remains unclear whether this type of activity is even legal -- it would not be in California, where white sharks are protected.

But if you do find yourself Down Under in pursuit of "white pointers," you'll require access to a fool --preferably one who has been drinking for courage -- and a surfboard. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

--Pete Thomas

Photo credit: David Fleetham / Discovery Channel

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Comments (14)

Actually, there is nothing illegal about what they did, even if it was in California. They treated the shark with care, and even tagged it. A shark being protected does not stop you from catching it (as one cannot control the species of fish which one catches), but rather the protection stops you from keeping the shark, which they didn't do.

Catching sharks from the beach is a regular occurrence among beach fisherman. Not particularly rare. But they do take it to the next level!

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So this fish is bad fish must be pretty bad if you called for old Quit!

Stupid dumb Aussies, that's why I moved to the US dumb stupid Aussies!!!!Dumb Dingoes and their 4 and twenty meat pies and Victoria Bitter, KB's, Tooheys etc!

I dream of catching a great white someday! My resources are night quite as substantial as owning a large yaht or a home near a great location, but this new interest in white fishing is great. What could be better that hauling in such a fierce predator!

If you think thats big, ya ain't seen nothin yet. I have a 65' sport fishing yaht by the name of "Orca II" and own a slip in Cape Town, South Africa, home of Seal Island, and the best white pointer fishing in the world. About 3 years ago my crew and I hauled a 19 footer, biggest shark I've ever seen. We tagged it and let it go to catch again some other time.

This aint WA,its on stocko beach (stockton beach) near newcastle NSW

This was done by my friend taylers older cousins and brother . There was one where they had another 4wd towing there's bcak as it was being pulled towards the water needless to say that fish was lost an is unknown as both BIG great whites and tiger sharks patrol along this stretch.

This was around the Newcastle area a few hours north of Sydney as already mentioned. Baby great whites indeed. Olllllllld news!

James - Perth

The information about this video in incorrect. It's actually filmed on the east coast of Australia at a beach called Stockton - 2.5 hours north of Sydney.

The footage was shown on Australian TV approximately three years ago and almost immediately after it was broadcast, the Government banned this type of fishing targeting Great Whites. Great Whites are a protected species in Australia - as they are in California.

Dan - Sydney, Australia

It's a white. Salmon sharks live the north pacific.

Its probably a salmon shark, they get up to 8 feet long and eat salmon. identical to the great white. Look it up.

It's nice to see they are tagging and releasing the sharks.

The younger Great Whites are primarily fish-eaters, they should use a mammal as bait if they want to catch the full sized animals... a surfer is a good way to start. They may want to put their bait in a water-tight box while paddling out.

Catching sharks while beach fishing isn't new and I'd be surprised if this is an actual "first" but it's still interesting. I work in the ocean near Santa Barbara and I've seen several White Pointers within a few hundred feet of shore and especially recently. Small one, like in this video.

What the video doesn't show is how long it took to land it. I'm sure once one gets bit he'll gain new insight and respect for the animal. Good luck!


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