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Tall ships engage in (mock) battle of Redondo Beach

October 19, 2008 |  6:32 pm


Redondo Beach will be much quieter and less exciting after this week's scheduled departure of the Californian and the Lynx.

The Lynx has been moored in King Harbor and available for tourist boarding for much of the last two weeks. The Californian was a later arrival.

The 145-foot Californian is a replica of the 1847 cutter C.W. Lawrence, which patrolled California enforcing federal law during the gold rush era. The 122-foot Lynx is a replica of a privateer built to defend American freedom during the War of 1812.

Late Sunday afternoon, their decks brimming with pirate-era wannabes, the vessels' crews staged a mock battle from the South Bay port.

I was not aware of their presence as I cruised north along the Esplanade, which overlooks the ocean. But I heard a cannon blast, looked to the west and there they were, surrounded by modern-day power yachts and sailboats.

I managed only a decent barrage with my Canon, which produced the accompanying images, until the schooners sailed out of range. So I bid them bon voyage and drove home.

--Pete Thomas


Photos: The Lynx (top left) and Californian (in both photos) engaged in a mock battle Sunday afternoon just south of King Harbor in Redondo Beach. They will leave the South Bay port this week. Credit: Pete Thomas / Los Angeles Times