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A "Blue Planet"-like experience for those aboard American Angler

October 29, 2008 | 10:18 am


If a seasoned long-range sportfishing crew is left in awe of something happening in the ocean, you know it's a spectacular show. Outposts is envious of those aboard the American Angler, whose crew e-mailed this remarkable photo and report today from somewhere off Mexico:

For those ocean going enthusiasts like ourselves, there is no better programming than Blue Planet. The description of today's fishing can be simply described as Blue Planet. We got on an area where there were balls of sardines being attacked from the air by birds and molested from the deep by whales, seals, porpoise and tuna.

We would slide up on these spots -- the fish and everything else would stay up going down the side of the boat where the visual stimulation was as good as the bent rods held in our passengers' hands. We had great fishing on 25-to 35-pound tuna and today's experience on the water is one that will be remembered.

Today's shot was taken by chef extraordinaire Paul Cloutier as it demonstrates the tough day that the Pacific sardine endured."

Presumably, given all this fresh tuna, Cloutier was able to provide a Food Channel moment for the passengers as well.

--Pete Thomas