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Shaun White busts off a Rolling Stone cover trick

Rolling stone Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn isn't the only Olympic athlete with a standout cover shot.

American snowboard gold medalist Shaun White is on this week's cover of Rolling Stone magazine, sporting his gold medal and something that appears to be a bottle of lighter fluid. At least, that's what I hope it is.

Still, despite its sexual and pyromaniacal undertones, I think the cover captures White perfectly. He's the self-made king of a snowboarding culture that likes to have a good time. He's just wearing little less than we're used to seeing.

But what do you think? Is the cover as good as a "double McTwist" or is it more like half-pipe face plant?

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo credit: Terry Richardson / Rolling Stone

Day by day: U.S. Olympic medal haul so far

The U.S. has won 26 medals through Tuesday, Feb. 23, with seven gold, nine silver and 10 bronze.

Scotty Lago goes home early after crude photo is posted

U.S. halfpipe bronze medalist Scotty Lagois heading home from the Olympics after risque pictures of him showed up on TMZ.com.

Scotty Lago, who was awarded his bronze medal Thursday night, was at a party wearing a Team USA T-shirt when somebody snapped a photo of a woman kneeling below Lago's waist to kiss his medal.

You can see the photo here.

He apologized to officials at the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Assn. and voluntarily decided to return home.

The U.S. Olympic Committee made extra efforts this year to make sure athletes are on their best behavior when they're at the Olympics.

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

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Hannah Teter wins silver, Kelly Clark bronze in women's halfpipe


There were 11 entrants in the women's halfpipe final Thursday night at the Vancouver Winter Olympics (there are usually 12, but one, Queralt Castellet of Spain, had to withdraw because of an injury). The U.S. had four of the 11 entrants, so odds for a medal were pretty good. But gold wasn't meant to be.

They ended up with two, as Hannah Teter won the silver with 42.4 points. Kelly Clark won the bronze with 42.2 points. The gold went to Torah Bright of Australia with 45.0 points.

Gretchen Bleiler of the U.S. fell on both of her runs. Elena Hight was in eighth after the first run, then crashed in the second.

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Hannah Teter competes in her first run. Credit: Kyle Terada, US Presswire.

Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler qualify for the finals of women's halfpipe


Snowboarders Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler have all advanced to the final round of the women's halfpipe after finishing in the top six of the qualifying round Thursday morning.

Clark (Mt. Snow, Vt.), was second overall with a score of 45.4, just 0.4 behind Torah Bright of Australia. Teter (Belmont, Vt.) was fourth with a 42.7; Bleiler (Aspen, Colo.) fifth with a 40.2.

Elena Hight (South Lake Tahoe, Calif.) was eighth with a 37.9 and will have to compete in the semifinals for a spot in the finals.

The semifinals will begin at 4 p.m. PST, with the finals slated for 6 p.m.

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Hannah Teter competes in the qualifying round. Credit: Odd Andersen / Associated Press

Shaun White wins gold in men's halfpipe

Defending Olympic gold medalist Shaun White easily won gold again Wednesday, scoring 48.4 points on the second run of the men's halfpipe finals to easily outdistance Peetu Piroinen of Finland.

Piroinen won the silver with a score of 45.0.

Lago won the bronze with a score of 42.8.

Louie Vito of "Dancing with the Stars" fame finished in fifth with a score of 39.4.

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

Louie Vito and his dad star in 'Dancing with Counterfeiters'

Ran into one of snowboarder Louie Vito's reps - well, we are on a bus coming off Cypress Mt., heading back into Vancouver.

He told us that Louie's dad, Louie Sr., got to the opening ceremony and found out he had been apparently sold fake tickets, four of them to the tune of $4,800 dollars. They were questioned and had to buy four more tickets on the spot to get in.

Luckily they were later reimbursed for the counterfeit tickets.

Hoping to catch up with Louie and his dad later in the week. Dad sounds like he's as interesting as his son.

-- Lisa Dillman in Vancouver, Canada

Seth Wescott of the U.S. wins gold medal in men's snowboard cross


Seth Wescott of Sugarloaf, Maine, has won the gold medal in the men's snowboard cross at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Mike Robertson of Canada finished second and Tony Ramoin of France finished third.

Nate Holland of Squaw Valley, Calif., fell during the final and finished a distant fourth.

Earlier in the competition, Nick Baumgartner (Iron River, Mich.) and Graham Watanabe (Sun Valley, Idaho) were unable to advance past the first round. Baumgartner fell during his run, while Watanabe finished third (the top two advanced).

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Seth Wescott reacts after beating the competition for the gold medal in snowboard cross on Monday. Credit: Roberth Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

Shaun White: Unplugged in Vancouver


Forget the musical guests ready to rock Vancouver at night once the Winter Olympic Games open.

Snowboarder Shaun White apparently is filling the gap with his guitar in the Athletes' Village

"I haven't heard him sing, but he definitely likes to rip his guitar -- he brought his amp out here," Olympic teammate Louie Vito said after the formal news conference at the Main Press Center on Thursday. "We're working on some songs, blaring in the courtyard.

"He's gonna work on getting the whole national anthem tonight, so we can play it tomorrow to wake everybody up."

Waking up the village is one thing.

But White has managed to stir and push the sport, almost by himself, with his array of tricks, most recently the Double McTwist 1260.

"Well, you know I call him the Mike Jordan of boarding," said another Olympic snowboarding teammate, Scotty Lago. "He's the best of the best. I'm proud to be on the team with him, for sure. We grew up riding together.

"I just have a lot of respect for him. But I don't worship him."

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Bring on the halfpipe! Double corks debated

Olympic tension ... what's that?

The U.S. halfpipe team doesn't second, or recognize, that emotion.

"Picabo Street spoke to us (Wednesday) when we were getting ready and she mentioning coming and just really enjoying the experience," Gretchen Bleiler said. "That's one thing a lot of competitors have trouble doing at the Olympics.

"And she looked over at our halfpipe team, 'I'm not really talking to you guys, actually. I'm talking to these guys over here because we know you're going to have fun.' "

Shaun White was asked about the furor over double corks, as some media types have suggested that they should be banned from competition.

"Being the guy that had a big hand in inventing these tricks ... I would say that's outrageous," White said, laughing. "Who said that? It's tough to say. Obviously there's been injuries that have happened that are very close to us and it's just under a magnifying glass right now because of the Olympics.

"When you get an injury, somebody goes down and there's some big crashes, it really shocks people. I think I can speak for everyone saying, that's just a part of what we do. We fall, get back up and try it again."

-- Lisa Dillman, reporting from Vancouver, Canada


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