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USOC, British Olympic Assn. to share resources, expertise

The U.S. Olympic Committee has signed an bilateral agreement with Britain's Olympic Assn. to share resources and expertise in preparation of the 2012 and 2014 Olympic Games.

USOC Chairman Larry Probst and British Olympic Assn. Chairman Colin Moynihan signed the agreement in San Francisco this week.

The agreement allows the organizations to discuss matters "of mutual interest" ahead of the next two Olympic Games. It also paves the way for the formation of a British skiing and snowboarding governing body after the financial collapse of Snowsport GB before the Vancouver Games.

The contract "represents an invaluable opportunity," Moynihan said.

The agreement could help bolster Britain's effort at the Sochi Games after winning just one medal (gold in women's skeleton) in Vancouver. Britain finished fourth overall with 47 medals at the 2008 Beijing Games and is looking for an even stronger showing on home soil in two years.

-- Austin Knoblauch

The Associated Press was used in compiling this report.

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Wait? If this contract is of mutual interest, what does the USOC get out of it? Hopefully it's lots of money, since the atheletes who aren't fortunate enough to land a Nike scholarship or a Wheaties box need it badly with the Home Depot program going south.


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