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U.S.-Switzerland hockey won't be live on the West Coast

Remember when NBC promoted its shows with the slogan "Must See TV"?

For viewers who want to watch a live telecast of Wednesday's U.S.-Switzerland Olympic quarterfinal game, the updated version of that slogan would be "Must not be on live TV."

The game, which will start at noon Pacific time, will be broadcast live only in the Eastern and Central time zones. In the Pacific time zone, it will air on tape delay at 3 p.m.

Adam Freifeld, a spokesman for NBC, said Tuesday that a live feed will be available in all time zones at www.NBCOlympics.com.

He added that the website  has a nice bonus feature for people watching online while at work.  "There is a cool 'boss' button so if they are watching at work and the boss walks in they can click the boss button and a spread sheet comes up and the audio goes away," he said via email.

Nice, but it would be nicer if the game were shown live.

Helene Elliott, in Vancouver 

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Comments (7)

OMG! A boss button!!! I feel so much better now that the game isn't live on the West Coast. Thank you NBC. Jerks.

Sweet! The USA game isn't live, but the others are (on CSNBC). So, now one has to "surf" back and forth between the taped USA game and CSNBC to watch both. NBC SUCKS! If I wanted to "delay" the game, I'd use the DVR to tape it myself. USA! (NBC SUCKS!); USA! (NBC SUCKS!); USA! (NBC SUCKS!)

Is this more of the streaming that only works if you're a cable subscriber? Bah!

This is really just the stupidest thing ever. Would NBC tape-delay the Super Bowl?

What is the rationale behind this absurdity? What is going on at noon that a live hockey game can't be shown? Can someone from NBC offer something besides a "boss button?"

Q: What is going on at noon that a live hockey game can't be shown?

A: Dylan Ratigan on the All Democrats, All the time network, MSLFT. They showed the game live on Sunday, but not today...

NBC has no clue, and this is the NHL's TV partner? In a related story, why isn't there a live blog on latimes.com with updates during the U.S. game??? NBC dropped the ball, but the Times booted it as well.

NBC will not even broadcast the gold medal game live on Sunday. This is an outrage! NBC Sports= No Business Covering Sports. That is why the NFL only lets them air one game a week and they butcher that coverage too.


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