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U.S. hockey game to be live on NBC on Friday

NBC announced Wednesday afternoon that Friday's Olympic semifinal hockey game between the U.S. and the winner of Wednesday night's game between Finland and the Czech Republic will be broadcast live in all time zones, including the Pacific zone. It will begin at noon PST on Friday.

The Canada-Russia game is being shown live now on CNBC (Canada leads, 7-3, after two periods) and the Czech Republic-Finland game is also live on CNBC beginning at 7 PST tonight.

Sunday's gold-medal hockey game is so far scheduled to be tape delayed in the Pacific time zone at 3 p.m. (the game starts at noon). 

As a historical note, the Beijing Olympics gold-medal basketball game was also scheduled to be tape delayed, but when the U.S. made the finals, NBC did show the game live at 4 a.m. So all of you U.S.  hockey fans who have been e-mailing and asking, there is still hope.

In any case, all of the hockey games are available via a live streaming broadcast at nbcolympics.com. Watched the U.S.-Switzerland game that way Wednesday afternoon. It was a worthwhile endeavor. The quality of the picture was excellent (the sound on my laptop not so much but can't blame that on NBC).

-- Diane Pucin

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I watched the game on nbcolympics.com after being told part way through the first period that the 2PM time scheduled for TV was a one hour time lag. It was not what I was expecting. Besides tying me to my computer instead of a larger TV screen, I came in late and the game was interrupted every time there was an infinitesimal stoppage of play by a Subway commercial. I used to be a fan of Subway!

I don't expect that everything I am interested in will be shown live, but not being informed clearly up front only added to the irritation of constant ads. Admittedly, I may not be typical...I have a family member on the team.


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