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U.S. men's downhill team is named: Bode Miller is in, Erik Fisher is out


Bode Miller, Andrew Weibrecht, Steven Nyman and Marco Sullivan were selected Friday for the U.S. Olympic men's downhill team. Erik Fisher was the odd man out, failing to crack the four-racer lineup.

“He understands that he's the fifth guy,” U.S. ski team men's coach Sasha Rearick said, adding that Nyman “has been skiing more consistently.”

Rearick announced his picks Friday, when the final training run ahead of Saturday's race was canceled because of overnight rain. The men's downhill is the first event on the Alpine schedule at the Vancouver Games.

-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Bode Miller. Credit: Wolfgang Grenien / U.S. Presswire

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Comments (2)

Oh no, Bode Miller in another Olympics? Expect another disappointing performance...

Keep him away from the pubs...


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