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The continuing saga of an 8-year-old at her first Olympics

Hannah-wearing-a-fursey Hannah-and-heidi Last night I went out for pizza and then we walked down Robson Street to see all the street scene stuff going on. There were a lot of things going on at once.

I saw these two guys selling Olympic pins, glasses and a Fursey jacket that he said cost $999. I tried on the jacket and a pair of glasses it was warm and soft. They gave me some Olympic pins and we bought one that has the United States flag and Canada’s flag, it is pretty cool.

Along the walk we saw this world map that the Sears store put up on a wall and they give you a pin to stick on the map to show where you live, I put mine right on San Dimas, Calif., in the United States.

All day and night the streets of downtown Vancouver are filled with people walking around and having fun. I met this nice girl Heidi, she is from Vancouver and is in college, we became friends and hung out walked around together and talked about Vancouver, she knew a lot. We ate caramel apples together from this great chocolate candy store.

 There were many things to do for free but you have to wait in lines and it is cold outside, Heidi went to a store and bought some gloves for both of us to help keep us warm because I left mine at the hotel. One of the free things we did was have our picture taken at a photo booth where they put your picture on a front page of a fake newspaper.

Everyone I have met in Vancouver has been nice and polite and very helpful, I would love to come back for another visit, but next time I will bring my dog Lucy, she would love it here.

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-- Hannah Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada





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Comments (5)

This was another terrific post about your Olympic adventure...very nice pictures too. I'm glad you're having a great time. I'm sure it's something you'll never forget. Vancouver is very high on my wife's and my list of places to visit...we can't wait!

Now I really want to visit Canada! I'm glad you're having sooooo much fun! See you soon!

Canadians are generally lovely, pleasant, fun-loving, respectful and considerate people to be around. I hope your experience among them leaves with you the lasting impression of how to behave in social situations, and how to treat people in public (and private) settings. As much as I hope you remember with fondness the wonder and excitement of being in a foreign country attending the Olympic games, I hope you learn from the host country's shining example of just what it means to be a human being. From an American who LOVES Canada!:)

Miss Hannah...you are just too cute! I love looking at all your pictures. I'm glad you met a friend in Canada. She seems really nice. And the picture of you in front of the big map is awesome. Isn't it incredible that so many people from all over the world are all in one place! :) So special!!! I can't wait to see you next week and give you a ginormous hug!!! Missing you and loving you lots!!!
Mrs. K :)

How fun Hannah! I love the blogs you have been writing! We miss you! Cannot wait to see pictures! :D


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