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The continuing adventures of an 8-year-old at her first Olympics

February 13, 2010 | 10:33 am

Friday was the best day ever.

Hannah-and-jeff1 We went down to Homer street and got a chance to see the Olympic torch being carried by someone named Jeff.

We watched as Jeff passed the Olympic flame to another person carrying a torch.

Then, Jeff walked right over to me and let me hold the torch! Jeff was very nice. Thank you, Jeff.

All the people in the crowd were cheering as the torch went by.

There were thousands of people in the streets and people were making noise all night outside our hotel, banging drums and singing.

Waiting for the torch to come down our way sort of reminds me of Disneyland's parade, only instead of the Disney characters you have someone very lucky who gets to run with the torch.

More pictures below:


In the picture above, they are passing the flame from one person to another.


There was also a guy on the street selling balloon animals.

I also want to say hi to Miss Virgie, Miss Justine and all the daycare counselors at Sonrise Christian. And hi to my sisters, Sabrina and Samantha, Nana Rose and my dog, Lucy.

-- Hannah Mitchell in Vancouver