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Sven Kramer sets Olympic record but is then disqualified in men's 10,000-meter speedskating


Sven Kramer of the Netherlands set an Olympic record in men's 10,000-meter speedskating Tuesday at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

And it never happened, officially.

The superstar Dutch distance skater finished in 12:54.50, but committed a lane change violation late in the race.

Officials disqualified Kramer for the mishap, and the gold medal went to Korea's Lee Seung-Hoon.

The South Korean finished with a time of 12:58.55.

Ivan Skobrev of Russia won the silver in 13:02.07. Bob de Jong of the Netherlands won the bronze in 13:06.73. 

Jonathan Kuck of the U.S. finished eighth in 13:31.78; Ryan Bedford of the U.S. finished 12th in 13:40.20.

-- Brian Hamilton in Whistler

Photo: Sven Kramer. Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images.

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Comments (13)

His coach sended him to the wrong lane.

After Kramer called an NBC reporter "stupid", he has made the simplest of mental mistakes.

Who's stupid now? Karma!

Netherlands nation is in mourning.

How convenient to link Kramer's reaction to a (stupid) NBC reporter, with a mistake caused not by him, but by his coach!

Karma? I'd rather suggest Schadenfreude on your part!

whatever you see, this will still be remembered a 100 years from now in holland, he'll win this race in 4 years.

It is amazing that Americans [I am one] as accused of being arrogant and we often don't understand why? Can it be that we are all human and dont intend to be offensive but it can be perceived. I was always told 'If you can't take it, then don't dish it out'!

I live in Holland 18 years now and the Dutch are very to the point, no nonsense people logical people. I think his Stupid comment came from this and not from arrogance. He is young and had just won the gold, it was one of those things he probably would do different given the chance, that is all.
Don't be so mean to him about this disqualification. He respects his coach and listened to him....even though he doubted for a second and made the change at the very last minute. It is a tragedy for him.
I wish people would try to understand each other, maybe then Americans would not be seen as arrogant, have some sympathy!!

I feel bad for Kramer and his coach for this huge mistake. Who knows, maybe this is life's way of teaching someone about humility. His reaction to the reporter was a pure sign of arrogance, no matter if you're Dutch, American, Canadian, or wherever else you're from. I understand that he is huge in the Netherlands, but personally, I had no idea who he was until the Olympics. Just because you're famous in one part of the world, it doesn't mean that you would be known automatically all over the world. It's even possible that the reporter actually knew who he was, but maybe it's protocol for them to have the athlete state their name, which event their in, etc., prior to an interview. A humble person would have brushed the question off, smiled and answered the question. As evidence of his tantrum after finding out he was disqualified, it's evident that this is a very young man that still has a lot of growing up to do. Hopefully, he continues to have a magnificent career, and hopefully, has also learned a few lessons in humility and grace from these Olympics.

Funny that some US readers perceive Sven's reaction to the reporter as arrogant. Is that the standard reaction to a foreigner (Dutchman) insulting an American reporter? Was he arrogant, or is the NBC reporter rather ignorant to report on the Olympic skating event without preparation...

Salvatore, a reporter insulted the great Kramer? Are you kidding?

Human decency, humility and respect knows no nationality. After being asked his name, where he's from, and what medal he just won (possibly for the benefit of the American audience watching NBC...who may or may not know who Sven Kramer is), he asked, "Are you stupid? Hell no I won't do that," and dismissed her.

The Dutch may very well be "to the point," but this guy was a jerk, plain and simple. The reporter could have been asking him to identify himself for the benefit of the audience, or possibly she was truly ignorant to who he was. Whatever the case may be, that's still no reason for his reaction. And although it would be schaudenfreude to blame his loss on karma, it is a humbling reminder that we're all simply human. We may be incredible athletes or have tremendous intellectual ability, but we are all imperfect. There's nothing wrong with showing a bit of humility every once in a while and just try your best to be an all around decent human being.

Ana, that was well said. Is that you? Simonetta and Michael

That would be me... just trying to remind the most arrogant country in the world that they are the pot calling kettle black! I just think it is funny how we americans can get so worked up about arrogance ... maybe we are the only ones allowed to dish that pot out!


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