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Shani Davis is not an Olympian?

Shani At least that is what you would think if you looked at the list of names of the 2010 Olympic long-track team in U.S. Speedskating's 2010 Olympic Media Guide.

Shani Davis is, of course, on the team.

He is favored to win at least two medals, with a good chance at gold in the 1,000 and 1,500 meters.

But as part of a never-ending feud with the speedskating federation, Team Davis made it very clear to federation officials that they did not want Davis, the 2006 Olympic champion, in the media guide.

Someday Team Davis may realize how much money in endorsement and sponsorship opportunities its attitude may have cost him over the years of his brilliant career.

Apparently, it doesn't care.

-- Philip Hersh in Vancouver

Photo: Shani Davis. Credit: George Frey / Associated Press

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Comments (4)

It appears that the dispute is between the speedskating federation and Team Davis, the latter of which do not want Davis in the media guide. Why not tell readers why not, Philip Hersh in Vancouver? If it is a secret, you could let us know that.

What is Team Davis? Where do they get the authority to keep Davis' name out of the media guide? Is the media guide produced by the Winter Olympics? Why are they subject to the whims of Team Davis?

This is very, very poor journalism to omit these facts from this story. The LA Times should have rejected the story since it does not include such vital information. No wonder The Times is bankrupt financially; it is bankrupt journalistically!

TiredOfCriminals. Yes, Phil is a very poor journalist and everybody is so tired of him. USS terminated Davis' athlete agreement in 2005 which terminated its own rights to use of his name and image. The USOC sends the athletes to the Olympics, not U.S. Speedskating.

FSDB = figure skating deserves better than Philip Hersh. And it is time for the LA Times/ ChicagoTribune to put the obsessive-compulsive Philip Hersh out to pasture. The figure skaters think he's a creepy old man. Only athlete that seems to talk to Philip Hersh these days is Lynsey Vonn. Maybe Phil can chase after her to get a quote and fall into an avalanche. One can only hope and pray.


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