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Poll: Who are your three all-time favorite U.S. Winter Olympic athletes? (Vote for 3)

Who are your three favorite? Vote now, then leave a comment letting us know why you voted the way you did.

-- Houston Mitchell

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Comments (2)

20 hockey players per U.S. Olympic team for the past few decades and only 2 guys from the 1980 squad make the poll? Color me shocked.

Alpine skiing is my favorite Winter Olympic sport, so two of my picks are Picabo Street and Bode Miller. Street was a three-time Olympian who was the Lindsey Vonn of her day. She won a silver in the downhill in 1994 and gold in the super-G in 1998. Yeah, I know that Miller was 0 for Turin after many experts thought he'd medal in all five events. He did win silver in the combinbed and giant slalom at Salt Lake City in 2002. He may not win gold in Vancouver, but I think he'll do quite well.
My third pick is speedskater Eric Heiden. Perhaps lost in the wake of the U.S. hockey team's victory at Lake Placid in 1980, Heiden accomplished something that we'll probably never see again. He won five gold medals, setting four Olympic records and one world record...Oh, and back then, they skated outdoors.


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