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Slovakia forward Lubos Bartecko suffers head injury

Courtesy of Chicago Tribune colleague Chris Kuc:

Slovakia forward Lubos Bartecko was taken off the ice on a stretcher after a flagrant elbow by Norway's Ole Kristian Tollefsen during the first period of a men's hockey qualification game Tuesday night at Canada Hockey Place.

Bartecko was skating with the puck at center ice when Tollefsen elbowed him in the head and the Slovak hit his head on the ice 6 minutes, 1 second into the game. Bartecko lay motionless while a pool of blood formed under him before being taken off the ice.

Tollefsen was given a match penalty and a five-minute major for checking to the head or neck area, during which Michal Handzus and Marian Gaborik scored to give Slovakia to a 2-0 lead.

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Comments (4)

I just saw what happened. I don't know who he is, but I was touched nonetheless. Who wouldn't be anyway? My breath caught in my throat and tears fell down my face.
I wish him to get well soon.

This is why okay should get more severe rules! This is not a game anymore! It's like war! Now kids wants to play like that and their parents lets them! I would not mind my kid playing hockey, but it's turning out more violent than ever. Thank to those overpayed guys who wants to make a show!

Eh, yet to see the video. My favourite non-NHL player on the Slovak team.

I hope he recovers and gets better it is unfortunate that this should happen. There was nothing wrong with the hit against Bartecko during the game. It was an accidental elbow but the elbow had no effect to Barteckos injury. His helmet became dislodged because it was not properly worn (nothing against Bartecko, most all the players helmets are not worn with the chin strap pulled tight) and caused the injury when he hit the ice. There is no reason to go about saying the sport is a "war". The USA Hockey rules for all players that are not professional is very strict on the protective gear rules. Accidents happen in all sports so there is no need to go about getting mad over an accident.

The Norway Team should seriously consider that the "player" should be banned from playing any international competition for his life time.


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