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More in the saga of an 8-year-old at her first Olympics

February 23, 2010 |  4:00 pm


(Photo: Sergeant Deborah Myers & Tina, Officer Martin Devinney & Ella, Officer Mark Matthews and Officer Alissa Caccioli & Eva.)

Over the weekend I went from Vancouver to Seattle on an Amtrak train, and back to Vancouver.

 I have never been on a train except for the one they have at Knott’s Berry Farm, and that goes pretty slow. I was very excited and in the beginning they show this video to you about the train ride and in the video the train looked like it is going very fast, which made me a little nervous but our train ride was nice and never felt like we were going really fast. I loved it.

Amtrack-patch At both the Amtrak stations in Canada and in Seattle there were Amtrak police all around checking passengers baggage’s. They also rode along in the train with us. I was able to meet three police dogs and their handlers. The police dogs named Eva, Tina and Ella are trained to detect explosive materials on board our train. The dogs would come by every once in a while and sniff the passengers and the areas around the floor walking from one car to another and they really looked like the were enjoying what they do.

They were all very nice. One police officer, Mark Matthews, came by my seat on the train and gave me an Amtrak patch special made for the Winter Olympics, thank you! I would like to thank all the police officers for keeping myself and everyone who ride the trains everyday safe.

I would like to say hi to my cousins Katharina, Julia and Noah Wajerski and thank them for showing me around Seattle. And a special thank you to Aunt Rose and Uncle Amado for giving us so much love.

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-- Hannah Mitchell

This is me standing next to the train.

Me and my cousins visited Kelsey Creek Farm. Thank you Katharina, Julia and Noah for showing me around!  

Top photo: The police officers with their dogs.