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More adventures of an 8-year-old at her first Olympics

February 19, 2010 |  9:30 am


Thursday I went to an Olympic game, it was women's hockey. The USA vs Finland. The game was exciting all the way through it. Most of the people at the game were cheering for the USA and chanting U S A, and others cheered for Finland.

Two guys at the game got everyone doing the wave, it was very cool. The women who play hockey are very good on their feet they can stop really fast. The USA won 6-0, which made me very happy but Finland did a really good job too.

Before the game, outside of the stadium were two Olympic mascots, Miga, (top photo, left), and Quatchi and I took a picture with them, they were so cute, I wanted to take them both home with me but my mom said they would not fit in the suitcase.


I also took a picture with two Mounties, which means Canadian Police officers, you cannot really miss them in their bright red uniforms, boots and tall hats.


On our way to the game, this nice man from Russia stopped me and gave me an Olympic pin. He was very nice. Thank you!

I want to say hi to all my friends in Mrs. Doolittle's class. I miss you guys!

See below for pictures from the game!

After they won, the U.S. team lined up in a circle and swung their sticks around. It was pretty cool.

The U.S. team lines up before the game.

The game is about to start.

The U.S. shakes hands with each other after winning.

Both teams shake hands after the game.

I wore an American flag bandanna to the game, but also had a maple leaf tattoo on my cheek to show Canada I like them too and thank them for the Olympics.   

-- Hannah Mitchell