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Lindsey Vonn's Sports Illustrated cover shot skis into controversy

Vonn It appears some sophomoric individuals have a problem with this week's cover of Sports Illustrated.

The cover features a shot of American alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, a favorite to win multiple gold medals at next week's Winter Olympic Games, in what could be considered as a sexually provocative pose.

I can honestly say that I didn't notice the sexual connotation of the photo until someone pointed it out to me. In fact, I think the staged photo is more corny than sexually suggestive.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time a magazine with a large male readership has used sex appeal to promote a female Olympic athlete. Sports Illustrated is known for its swimsuit issues, so maybe this is a ploy to play up the Games.

What do you think? Is the photo sexually suggestive or do some people have overactive imaginations?

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: Lindsey Vonn. Credit: Chicago Tribune via Sports Illustrated

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Comments (9)

If this is sexually suggestive, then so is A.J. Kitt's 1992 Olympic Preview cover for S.I. Seriously people, she's in the same position that every downhill skier tucks into in order to, you know, go down a mountain.

The allegation of a sexual pose is completely ridiculous.

Although Vonn and Bleiler are often marketed for their sex appeal, I think this cover shot was purely "corny" as you say. Lots of huff and puff about nothing.

"I can honestly say..." And Phil Hersh gets paid for his obsession to judge these athletes who are all representing the U.S. instead of just "honestly" reporting the news and allow the readers to decide. Phil Hersh, the athletes are on to you is the reason why most of them refuse to talk to you, many of the readers are to you and very soon the Tribune will realize that you are a useless liability.

People need to get a life and complain about something that matters. Anyone who sees this as "sexually suggestive" needs to room up with Tiger

Now I guess you people can understand the purpose of a burka. Okay, her times would suffer, but what price glory? For me, if her knees were straight, now that would be sexually suggestive and inappropriate. But, thats just me...

Much ado about nothing.

The LA Times writers name "Knoblauch" is more sexually suggestive than the SI cover photo.

Knoblauch? Sexy? German for garlic......mmmm. I find Lindsey Vonn far more sexy than garlic and I don't need the picture for that!


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